Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Last Cyclocross Race Of The 2017 Season

After a few weeks of planing and two days worth of building, none of us anticipated the sunrise that would literally stop us in our tracks. Racers from Salt Lake City to Denver Colorado braved the 14F/ -10C temperatures and tackle a true cyclocross course out here in Fruita Colorado.

Thats not meant to be an arrogant statement but it is a true course that met all of the UCI rules and obstacle definitions. Challenges if you will.

By the time we hit 45F/ 7C, the course became fast and riders were stoked. Tight turns but with a flow, off camber slopes but ridable, and nature barriers for dismounting and running over. Another hit was the snowman design in the soccer field. Their strava lines painted out hidden patterns of candy canes and a big ol snowman waving hi. Pretty Cool If You Dig Strava.

All the work was well worth it because the feed back was over top. I normally read these e-mails and there is always a BUT. We also broker 100 reregistered racers AND not one complaint!! Again, all the effort and attention to details paid off. 2018 is going to be unreal and exciting!

Mountain And Desert Racing - MAD Racing

RADIO SHOW: I was asked/offered a time slot on Christmas Day. I couldn't be happier about it!! I dove deep in the archives and pulled the most obscure YET awesome tunes!! I then got all hot on A Christmas Story clips to mix in over the top of Christmas instrumentals. I Cant Wait!!

Hits to be played are as follow BUT not in this order. In Fact, Not Sure What To Open With. I want an opening tune that will capture the attention of the listener BUT not cause them to change the channel. So I have Brenda Lee - Rockin Around The Christmas Tree, Funky Funky Christmas - Electric Jingle, Jethro Tull - A Christmas Song, Canned Heat - Run Run Rudolph, Steve Vai - Christmas Time, and then the weird stuff like Charlie Brown's Whats The Meaning, Dogs Bark Christmas Song, Weird Al Yankovic - Crazy Santa, Cheech & Chong - Santa Claus & his Old Lady, All in the Family - Christmas Jesus, and a bunch of well known A Christmas Story clips.

So What Do I Open With??? When Do I Come Up For Intro??

Strava Action: Very random here, the General Manager and Manager were chatting at Crossroads and we all got to talking about riding in the winter because I had my bike helmet in my hand. We got to BS'n away and I mentioned that I had wondered if I could hit 2,000 miles on the commuter and that I am currently at 2,800 miles for 2017. So MJ got all fired up and explained to me that if I rode 22 miles of the next 9 days that I could hit 3,000. She Was Fired Up And VERY Encouraging. She even pointed out how I would have two days off with that particular schedule.

I was content with 2,000 miles and the extra 800 were a bonus. I was also stoked that my rear wheel is in good shape and not one flat. I do have a plastic strip inside the tire, 1/4 bigger tube so that it doesn't thin out when pumping up to 45psi, and they do have slime for sure. We have to take these percausions because of all the goat heads out here in the high desert.

But 3,000 miles?? On the Commuter Bike?? Do I Really Want To Push Through Over The Next Few Days?? Will We Ever See Snow?? Cant I Just Shoot For 3,000 in 2018?? How Much Water Have I Consumed This Past Year?? How Many Times Have I Shifted Gears?? How Many Near Misses With Automobiles Have I Encountered?? Why The Phuc Did My Car Insurance Go Up A $100 Damn Dollars?? And Whats My Opening Tune On Christmas???

                       Please THINK Snow


  1. I have 50 more miles to ride to hit 3K, mostly of those miles to/from work.

    What's the website for your radio station?

    1. Will Crack A Beer In Your Honor. Well Done!! Will do another posting with web links, web cam links, and playlist links.

      www dot kafmradio dot org,