Sunday, November 12, 2017

Marble Colorado Trip

The crisp clean air of the mountains might be considered one of the best ways to reboot from the daily grind. I could literally feel my attitude start adjusting as I climbed up McClure Pass.

The Peaks of this amazing landscape were dusted in snow earlier in the week and that meandering Crystal River appeared belly up drinkable. Everything just sort of slows down as the town of Marble begins to appear through the front windscreen. Love That

OFFICE: Ortho-Bionomy shows up in similar situations. A client walks into the office at full speed and often wearing many hats; Mother, Leader, Worker Bee, Sister, Brother, etc

As I work with each client and meet them in their model of the world, the are able to find their snow capped happy place.

I am bringing this up for one particular reason. CELL PHONES vs THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. This is completely my own opinion here!!!

Before the cell phone age, imagine driving a car, you swerve to miss another car and your body automatically shifts into Flight or Fight mode, Right??? We have all been there and you have the post shakes and maybe even tear up a bit. Well, this fight or flight reaction used to happen maybe once a month or so before the cell phone age.

We know that during Flight or Fight the body pulls all that oxygenated blood away from those vital organs to activate strength in muscle fibers. Basic Idea Here!!! Now in 2017, I can feel the clients nervous system find its own parasympathetic state within approximately 10 minutes will say.

A simple BING from a cell phone registers the nervous system exactly like a Fight or Flight reaction!!! This same client will go from rest and digest to fight or flight within milliseconds of hearing their cell phone.

NOW, I am bringing this up because I often think of how many times a day our body slips into a cell phone alert Fight or Flight. What does that do to our organs over a long period of time?? Do our adrenal glands become stronger or weaker over time?? Or am I just overthinking these similarities??

Yes, clients should turn off their cell phone before a session. Some Don't and Justify That With All Kinds Of Reasons. I am OK with that because after all, Its Their Session. Who am I to take away a clients power by saying," Unplug From That Damn Umbilical Cord You Call A Phone!"

So Lets Just Say That Marble Colorado Brings Me Back Into A Parasympathetic State. Righteous

TRAINING: Made a small gain in lifting this month. I set my training card aside near the end of October and lifted by feel and mood. After lifting for about two weeks and doing my thing, shoulder/ Tri day brought me to this small gain. I grabbed the 40 pound dumbbells for my shoulder press set and powered through. During that 3rd and last set I kind of struggled with the last two reps.

I went and pulled my card and to my surprise, 10/22/2017 I was using the 33 1/2 dumbbells!! My first thought was, " What The Hell Was I Thinking??" How could I have missed calculated an exercise like that?? As I scanned my card, looking ahead towards my Tri workout, I finally realized the muscle gain and the power goal I had reached without setting the intention. YES

GOALS: Few Of Them

1) Rake Up Leaves & A Compost Run
2) Add An Extra Half Hour To The Dreadmill Time
3) Challenge My Tracking Card
4) Walking The Next Cyclocross Course on Tuesday with Klishy
5) Marking & Building with Klishy Thurs/Fri
6) No Meat Week, Up The Fruits, and Stay Consistent with the Veggies
7) Meet with Coach for a Radio Show Time Slot as we Near the Turkey Day Holidays
8) Nail the Audition for the upcoming Holiday Play

OVERALL: Feeling solid, working through some minor issues, and looking forward to next step. Found a pretty good groove this month and will focus on what I can change. I will continue to give options to others as I see fit as I always do because I enjoy seeing others succeed and grow.

I am just simply saying that I will work on myself and focus on bettering my goals, acting on what is best for me, and seeing tasks through to the end.

Thanx So Much For Stopping By,


  1. Beautiful videos and insightful analyses.

    1. Magiceye, Thanx So Much For Watching And Dropping A Comment As Well.

      Dig It,

  2. I don't think you are far wrong with the cell phone theory Padre! I know personally when I'm out and it rings or bings ☺ my first reaction is 'arrrgh, leave me alone'!!!! You found an excellent spot to set up your time lapse video of the Veterans parade. Very positive set of goals you have there, you have inspired me to write my own list 😀

    1. Perth, interesting reaction or CONTRACTION response but you are not alone. I have witnessed that arrrrgh look before. Pleased to see you liked the Vet Parade video and thats a view from outside my office window. Allow yourself to set a few intentions on paper that are completely obtainable as a starting point which will eventually building into a positive pattern of morning activities. Keep Shooting Brilliant Photos And Thanx For All Of Your Wonderful Comments!!

      Big Hugs


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