Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Week with the Twins

The Twins: Lets just say we haven't been dehydrated this month. The Dude, The Twins, & I jetted around Colorado like rock stars. Home Base was in Gunny, day trips to CB, and meals out of the ice chest. Homemade Wraps

I so enjoyed driving up Cumberland Pass and it was a classic pulling up in the rental car. All the ATV's and 4x4 drivers looked at us like," You made it up in that???" The backseat was full of empty beer cans and we sooooo looked like tourist. It was awesome!! I pointed out a number of vistas along the climb and I always enjoy looking down valley, seeing rich full colored wild flowers, and spotting water cascading from little outcrops or natures cracks really gets my goat. Dig Colorado

The Art Fest in CB was highly entertaining. I chatted with an artist and it was pointed out that this festival is APPOINTED only. Meaning, you gotta be on your game to be allowed a venter spot. Crested Butte is a magical location

Radio Show: Hosted a World Beat show not too long ago and my next show is scheduled for the 22nd of August. Will update my thoughts and playlist soon.

Upcoming Goals: Healthy goals coming up!! After this week of booze - n - out!! The Twins fly out this Sunday. A BBQ tonight, Farmers Market/Movie Thursday, BBQ Friday, and Radio Days Saturday. Just might have a whiskey soaked liver by Sunday.

Enjoying the gym so far this week. Monday was Chest and Spin Class. We had a sub in spin and it just so happen to be one of the creators of Spin-er-tainment. Its well done movies of our local trails and formatted for spin classes. I didn't paint a very good picture here but its awesome and kicks my A$$ every time.

Tuesday was an all arms exercise day. I haven't pulled out my stat card and just using weights I felt were right at the time. Some of my reps hit 20 because the weight was a little light. What I did do was focused on the contraction for one solid second. I don't feel weak at all which was a surprise. I just feel toxic and out of shape.

Today will be a shoulder day and leg day. Again, loading up on the reps rather than the weight. Looking for proper form and full ROM. There is a spin class today but I just don't dig the Wednesday Instructor's Style. Its my own SH*T and I know That.

I can also say, looking forward to riding my bike. Looking forward to hiking with the Boy Dog. Looking forward to some upcoming concerts.

Thanx So Much For Watching My Videos,


  1. Oh wow! Those Aussie twins are double trouble or twice as much fun depending on how you look at it Padre, I'm guessing your liver would say the former 😀😀 enjoy your detox and hugs for the Boy Dog ✨

    1. Its been an amazing three weeks. The Boy Dog appreciates your vibes!! OxoxoxO