Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Are You Kidding Me

People Are People So Why Should It Be ?     You And I Should Get Along So Awfully     So We Are Different Colors And We're Different Creeds     And Different People Have Different Needs     Its Obvious You Hate Me So What Could I Have Done ?      I Can't Understand    What Makes A Man    Hate Another Man    Help Me Understand 

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Some Great Reward 1984

Obviously, I am completely dumbfounded by the boards reply. Like why bother?? And I am floored that the board is choosing to replace facts with the word COMMENTARIES. Un Flipping Real 

Thank you for your concern regarding the financial stability and sustainability of the Grand Valley Community Radio Company, Inc.  It is apparent that you invested a lot of time preparing your financial analysis commentaries.   However, the Board of Directors has reliable resources that are depended upon for financial reports of the corporation:

  1. A CPA who prepares monthly financial reports that are reviewed by the BOD and the Executive Director

  2. An independent CPA prepares the company's annual audit and submits it for review to the Corporation of Public Broadcasting (CPB).

The BOD sends its reassurance to you that the corporation is in full compliance with all FCC, CPB, and financial requirements.  Financials for the corporation are posted on the KAFM Community Radio website.  The FCC public files are available online and at the KAFM business office.

The BOD has advised the Executive Director to refrain from responding to your correspondence regarding KAFM. Because the BOD has quality CPA resources to address its requirements for financial transparency and the need to review financial activity regularly, the BOD does not need your financial analysis commentaries.  Therefore, there will not be a response to any future commentaries from you. 

Thank you for your concern.

Marianne Griffin, President
Tamara King, Vice President
Linda Taylor, Secretary
Julia Coffey, Treasurer
Grand Valley Community Radio Company, Inc.
Board of Directors

So one last effort to reach out for answers as the board is claiming that they will be holding an Executive Meeting tomorrow the 24th of April. Just another horsesh*t reason for their lack of transparency. The public is not allowed to attend these Executive Meetings. Real Nice  


The Board's response to the analysis I provided of the station's financial operations for the past 7 years raises two issues. Please note that at the end,  I am also addressing a third unrelated issue.

The first is your request that I refrain from sending any further analyses to the Board, because you have staff and professional accounting support which you believe obviates the need for assistance or input from me. In that regard, this was the same management team  that led the station to almost lose approximately $70,000 in 2022 (ultimately breaking even for the year due to an unexpected and fortuitous bequest), and then to learn nothing from 2022's mistakes, by imploding expenses, and failing to increase  revenue streams, causing the station to lose $122,000 in 2023. While I do not share your optimism that this same management team has learned the lessons of the past, and can dig the station out of the precarious hole it has dug for itself in 2024, I will abide by your request, and I will no longer provide any financial guidance to you, unless my input is requested. For whatever it's worth, I found performing the financial analysis to be helpful to me, so that I could begin to understand how the station nearly lost approximately $190,000 over the past 2 years, and I know the group of "correctionists" with whom I am interacting found the analysis helpful. I truly hope the newer Board members found it helpful as well, as that was the main purpose of the analysis. For those reasons, the analysis fulfilled its purpose, and the ball is in your court to prove you can steward the station responsibly moving forward. We are all hoping you can do so, because the station's financial survival depends upon it.

The second issue is whether you will cooperate in providing the additional information I requested, to better understand the current status of the station's financial situation. You keep referring me to the information posted on the station's website or in the station's public files. The problem with that response is that I do not believe the requested information can be found there. For example, those data bases would not contain the information detailing what the station spent $69000 on Special Event Expenses in 2022 and 2023, nor the detail I requested about the NPR expenses. Likewise, I do not believe the 2022 and 2023 NFFS calculations or the station's 2024 budget would be in the data bases to which you have directed me. Accordingly, I am once again politely requesting your cooperation in providing all of the additional information I have requested. If the information is in one of the data bases, then please point me to it, because I can't find it; and if the information is not in the data bases, then please provide the requested information involved to me directly. If you simply tell me that all I am entitled to see is what's in the data bases, and nothing further, I can tell you that that is patently inconsistent with the level of transparency and cooperation  station has historically adhered to over the years, particularly in interactions with the people who have been most supportive of the station since its inception, such as myself and the other correctionists. If you believe that failing to cooperate with the information request, which will not take much time to provide, as the answers are at your fingertips, and telling us we are not entitled to review it, would be in the station's best interests, I can further assure you that that lack of transparency and cooperation will not work to the station's benefit. So I am providing you one last chance to cooperate and voluntarily provide all of the requested information involved. If you continue to refuse to do so, that is your call and responsibility, and we will move in a different direction. 

And that leads to the third issue I wish to raise with you. Two years ago, in conjunction with my relocation to Denver, I donated thirteen pieces of art to the station, for fundraising or decoration purposes, which I valued conservatively at $3750. Cyrene has a signed receipt confirming the donation, and detailing each piece of art, its original cost, and how I valued each piece at the time of the donation. I did not see any reference to the donation in the station's financial statements. There is a reference to the donation from another benefactor, which was appraised and valued at $31000, but my donation was apparently not disclosed and is off your books. When I have asked about the status of the donated pieces from time to time (whether they have been hung for decoration, marked for sale, still in storage), all I have been told is that the items are "available for sale". However, when I visited the station on a Saturday a few months ago, to visit an on air programmer while I was in town for just the weekend, all I could find were 2-3 of the pieces in an unlocked storage room where the $31000 of donated art was also stored in an unsecured location. I could not find any of my other pieces of art hung as decorations anywhere in the station. So the question is, what happened to my 13 pieces of donated art? I am once again asking for an accounting of each piece... where it's located; whether it's in storage or hung; whether it's been sold and if so for how much; or whether it can no longer be accounted for. The pieces of art I donated to the station had meaning and value to me, and I think I'm entitled to the accounting I am requesting for the third time.

Clearly , lost the font when I copy/paste , I added the pink coloring 

As Brother Steve so kindly pointed out, Drama. But for me personally , KAFM is apart of my helix. Again , I have been fighting this lady for the past four years, have witnessed numerous volunteers move on as a direct result of her abrasive management style, and was well aware of her spending habits. Remember , Cyrene seriously believes she has done NO wrong. The Board finds nothing wrong with a saving account $31,000 here in 2024 when that same account held $121,000 in 2019. 

I am utterly beside myself and sick to my stomach over this. 



  1. Dearest Travis,
    Oh, some people should be kicked and slapped for their annoying behaviour.
    I'm dealing with a new pastor that loves to micro manage and who has sent our chancel choir director away... for the time being. How cruel to a man who lost his brother–in–law to cancer, his wife having back issues and mother–in–law needing care. Some only love themselves and like to eliminate all the strong characters around them so they can look better! Low self esteem and insecurity but they can cause so much grief. I'm oh so worried that our worked out requiem mass for Pieter (soon as he is on morphine now) will be completely thwarted! So cruel!!! Did compose a long email around midnight and who knows he will wake up...?!
    Big hugs,

  2. I'm sorry this whole experience is proving to be so miserable. I hope somehow these issues sort themselves out.

  3. That's quite a difference in numbers from just 5 years ago. Wow. I can see why this ordeal makes you sick. She sounds awful!

  4. I am sorry. At least you got some more words than we did upon a project that was very close to my heart. We did research and wasted time just to get a "sorry, we didn´t inform you earlier we don´t need your help". I have guesses as to the why (it was railway and batteries, very dangerous). I understand your frustration very much! You found 4 very sad, disappointed people here, too.