Monday, January 26, 2015

Are We This Close To The End Of The Month???

Last week was beautiful!! The weather was completely amazing for January. So many bluebird days and when the temp would hit 40ish it really felt like low 60's. More than once, I way over dressed for the commuter bike. oooooops

RADIO SHOW: Two shows to cover this week!! First up, Mid Life Crisis on Tuesday for Mr Rip. I will be playing some old classic rock. The kind of show were you would think you were listening to commercial radio. Led Zep, The Doors, Boston, i.e. The Classics. The second show will be a demented show from 9pm - Midnight on Thursday night. Check them out at www dot kafmradio dot org
GoPro'd The Boy Dog

NEW CLIENTS:  I really began excepting the fact that I was going to be skunked this month. Then, SCORE, the little boy w/diabetes I wrote about, his father referred me to a guy who's son broke his ankle. Not sure about details just yet but we are meeting at the office Wednesday night. Super stoked!! The crazy part of this story was that the father called me at a time that I was in the middle of a thousand things and almost sent the call to voice mail. BUT in that Ortho world, my gut brain said," Dude, don't know the number. Better take it." I am ever glad that I did. Last weekend clients went very well. Had a women w/a knee pain problem and told me that she is soooooo over pain pills. She was an old client from massage days and we did our 1st Ortho session together. And did we ever have a break through. She not only felt her femur move but we HEARD her femur clunk into place. It was awesome!!! I then chased the " movement " out of her pelvis, through her spine, and finally out her neck. Working w/her neck took awhile and I almost became discouraged or impatient. Man, we were both so relieved and I never eluded to the fact that I felt stumped. Another client I saw had a low back issue which is way easy to clear up. Just calling up the psoas balanced her pelvic floor and the QL almost aways relaxes from there. Good Stuff AND Thank You Ortho


TRAINING: Training is going well. Sure, it could be better. I say that because I really am weak. Not worried but weak. A number of times I was like, " I will go with a little less weight here and hit 15 - 17 reps." By about 12 reps….. I was struggling. I have been doing the machines like the shoulder press, lat pull downs, one arm triceps, quad lifts, and the crunch machine. Didn't have any trouble w/backing off the weights and slowly putting in the3 sets of 15 reps. I really took my time with the curls and all the pull downs. Concentrating on the full SAFE range of motion. I do have a full week ahead of me w/clients, cleaning both gyms, swimming, road ride that might become an indoor trainer, working MAD Racing up at P-Horn, shopping for groceries on the commuter bike, an Ortho ( receiving ) w/Sheri, two radio shows to cover, and clients Tuesday, Wed, & Sunday.

So we are famous ( and legally ) for making our pets wear their dog tags. Shadow Boy has a whole collar of medals he has earned over the past 9+ years. It only just recently occurred to me that I should have one as well. I bring this yp because the post lady just dropped off my Road ID for my shoes. Now Shadow Boy & I are both labeled as I have thought about the WHAT IF: What if I went down while training?? I know that Shadow Boy would stay by me but then what. Off in an ambulance I go and what would happen to the Boy Dog??? For me, I have never seen anyone so excited to get up in the morning as Shadow Boy. Being a dog, his life is pretty routine to say he least. Run, eat, sleep, run,& eat and so on. But The Boy Dog bounds out of bed like there is no end to the wonderful possibilities that might be in store for the day. Dogs in general have an instinctual need to exercise every day; otherwise they become destructive and antisocial. I don't know if Shadow Boy treats training runs as a reward but he doesn't seem to question it. EVER. I have always told folks that Shadow is on a 3 to 1 when we train. He runs 3 miles to my every one as he repeatedly checks on me and then takes off again. The beauty behind the Boy Dog pushing me is that he never needs to stop off at our local watering hole for a cup of joe. Shadow Boy is always ready. When he becomes tired, he slimly lays down in an area that he just scratched up. And Shadow Boy will happily take a 10 min nap on the couch if he is tried. He always stretches out after a nap and is looking for the next adventure. Shadow Boy is always happy when I break out his water bowl and gives me that look like BEST DAY EVER. Shadow Boy knows that when we return, he gets to refuel first before me. I just love how dogs seem to have an inexhaustible and innate optimism towards life. Shadow has taught me so much by how routine he lives. Wake up happy, stretch often, rehydrate, eat with enthusiasm, and ease into a downward dog. Oh, and have wonderful puppy dreams!!!
This Is Pinto. Watched Him 4 The Wknd

And Ol Grandpa Smokey sure loved Pinto's bed!!! Gramps has his own bed in my room at the foot of my bed but he like the location of THIS bed. So I kinda rattled around there w/my thoughts. Where did this come from??? Well, thats easy. Some of the blogs I happened to catch over the weekend, I love looking at other bloggers photos, a number of you have been dealing with real live pet  pains from your pet's pain. was dealing w/pet surgery and the after math of Anastasia. Then, Jamie at threw out a story that will make you cry. So dogs have been on my radar shall we say. My mind was all over the place during this post so thanx so much for staying w/me here. Now, I gotta get my happy A$$ off the computer and head downtown to lift. I will ride my commuter bike to the gym, strap on my Road ID, and live large. Dream Big Folks and Remember To Tell A Loved One WHY You Love Them. Cheers

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  1. That last picture is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

  2. Thanx for the comment and I posted a photo JUST for you. Dig your photos as well and will be following your blog.