Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rockin' N The Pool

Monday was a 40min swim day and it couldnt have gone any better. Oh, sure it could have. Right??? When I hit the pool deck there was a lady running laps in the pool. Maybe a rehab of the knee or something. Anyway, she was kicking some A$$ for sure. Her face was red and her lungs were burning.

I started my 10 min stretching routine that I do I believe me I could feel her eyes piercing my back while I did my thing. The north side of the building is mostly windows & I dig looking out them while I warm up. As I headed towards the shower I noticed that my upper body felt really good and relaxed. Rinsed, put on the cap, ear plugs, & stepped on into the pool. I slid into my lane & put on the old black goggles while my new lady friend watched my every move.

Started w/a very comfortable 10min warm up concentrating on my ROM while breathing on every 6th stroke. I lined myself up w/the lane line on the bottom of the pool and reached for the wall w/every stroke. At the 10min mark, I stopped & had a splash of water. During this time my new friend said," I was worried that you were going to kick water in my face. It happens all the time when I run in the pool." I politely responded w/," Etiquette is a lost art wouldnt you say?" She began to talk but I was about to start swimming again so I pushed off the wall as she was running away from me. Classic!!!

I began a 20min continuous swim and went back to that world of make believe inside my head. In & out of thoughts & reminding myself to pull, reach, ROM, breath, pull,& on & ON. The whole work out felt Gr8. I felt strong. My breathing was a bit much. So when I began to labor a bit I noticed it and reboot myself and re-corrected my alinement. I just enjoy that feeling of gliding through the water lap after lap & damn the time just melts away. I had a way relaxing 10min cool down after pounding some water. I hit the dry sauna after my swim & stretched out until the heat began to be too much. Gr8 Day For The Gym!!!!

2day, full day of work!! Plus a client at 6:30pm!! And an hr on the bike?!?!? I know I can get about a half hour in before work but darkness might be my maker.......

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