Monday, September 23, 2013

Kick A$$ Sunday

Easy start to the day, relaxing, and stretched out while watching football. Able to do chores before the rain came and boy did it come. Saw some photos this morning of fresh snow on the peaks of T-Ride, Aspen, & the Grande Mesa. Way Cool......

Shadow & I headed out last night near the end of the 2nd quarter of the Pitt/Chi-Town game. The air was so crips and clear. I felt strong and loose. I was amazed by my posture. We were about 1/2mile into our walk when I realized I had not reminded myself to "stand up" or "walk tall" or "you look like Big Water" and my stride was comfortable. About that time is when the Boy Dog picked up the pace. We started covering some ground at that point and the burn began and the miles clicked away. My body wanted to run, my body wanted to fly, my body is stronger, and yet I was able to check in and remind myself that we are on a walk and not full training mode. Not pulling a hammie, not locking up my hips, and simply allowing my feet to roll with full ROM. Flippin awesome!!!

On a side note...... Found the page that shows me where my readers are from..... Ready For This..... 3 different Russian hits ( Do I Hear Wedding Bells ), a hit from Korea, a hit from the UK, and a number of hits from Canada!!! And here in the states are OR, WA, CO, NV, CA, TX, MI, IN, & FL!!! Hello 2 You All & Thanx 4 Stopping By & Feel Free 2 Add A Comment

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