Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can You Say UNREAL

What an awesome we of motion!!! Thats Right, body in motion. Shadow & I have been cranking out the miles & enjoying our surroundings. My legs are carring me further these days and my quads are finding this new power w/o pain!!!

Fridays bike was HEALTHY for sure. My ankles have full ROM, my calves are pushing down big time, my hammies are pulling like wild fire, quads are pumping,& my hips are so fluid and relaxed. Just a bit of head wind around every corner but I didnt seem to mind like I did in the past. I my have to find someone to help fit me on my bike as my elbows tend to hurt a bit and my right teres and/or lat are still an issue. Hell, maybe more stretching would do a body good?!?!?!?!?

I am taking Shadow Boy up on the Mesa for color Sunday and catch some of the live music. 9000ft, here we come

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