Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Swim

Awesome swim 2day!!! Check This Out.......

Weeks ago I went 2 a wedding in the foothills. Filled the tank up B4 I hit the road. Each way was less than 80min. Why do I know this???? Because I like 2 drive while listening 2 an older radio show of mine on an 80min disc. So after driving and not haven been in the car sense, I still have a half of a tank and I just kept on driving past the station. Sooooo Cooooool. Yet driving sucks pretty much. My bike ride last wed 2 the gym took 27min and I drove 2day in 21min because of all the red damn lights. DRAG!!! And I felt like during my drive I was justifying why being on a bike is better. I set up all of my errands as 1 big loop but at each stop I was like, " Oh My God. I ride here. Like I can ride there. Where do I like Park My Car Now, Ya Know?" ADD YOU BEST VALLEY GIRL IMPRESSION HERE!!!

Back 2 the swim..... I went through a relaxing route of stretching 4 10min. My upper body felt good and my lower legs felt tight 4 some reason. I drank some more water and reminded myself what relaxing feels like. Yes, thats better. Opened up w/a10min swim. My main set became breathing exercises 4 some reason. I would push off the wall and swim 2 the other side while underwater and then swim back. I just love that underwater sound!!! You cant describe it but you totally know it. I swam non stop 4 20min doing this underwater and breathing every 6th stroke and so on. I felt smooth and strong which is nice. Finished off my gym experience sitting in the sauna and enjoying a sweat.

I will still get in a walk w/the Boy Dog 2nite after the football game. Shadow said that he is cool w/just hanging out on the bed while I do my thing and he will be ready when the sun goes down. He did ask me if he ate yesterday and I reminded him about the rice in his dinner. "Ah Sh*t!!" He said while he walked back down the hallway.

So remind yourself right now...... Say out loud why you had an awesome Monday..... Follow that up w/a SMILE

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