Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Americans Won The, Say What?? There were down by 8 races, RIGHT??? Any Thoughts???

The temps have changed and the pressure gradients are in motion today. The early AM was quite calm and relaxing while I drank my coffee and packed up for the day. Last Wed of the month is my 4 hour volunteer at Crossroads Gym as its my work trade for a membership time!!! Can you say score??? I can give you 387 reasons why I am stoked every year. So about 1pm Mother Nature BLEW and we might hit 60mph gust as I believe GJ,CO had a 71mph All Time Record back in 2002.

Later tonight, KAFM is having a Fall Fund Drive meeting. I look forward to these meetings because of the faces that I only see at these meetings show up. Let the social hour begin.

As for the body...... Right Teres Minor was yet to loosen itself up..... Feet felt flexible while I was clean today.... Hips and posture need little reminders every now and then but thats cool..... Neck has full ROM....  Tonight..... Shadow & I will get in our 3 miles & because I have been feeling Gr8, we might add in an extra mile. Or Maybe a half mile.?. I will allow my body to let me know where it wants to go.

Thursday will be a swim day and Friday will be my 1st brick set of riding and running in the same day

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