Sunday, September 22, 2013

Awesome Week

Shadow & I had an awesome week of running, walking, & stretching on my part. We added some distance to our nightly walks and it has paid off in a big way. That burn on the anterior shin was gone away and my hips have opened up and relaxed w/motion. I still remind myself that my posture can be NOT SO HUNCHED and this reflex on my stride. When I am upright, we cover more ground.

The power in my quads has been found!!! Lately, I have felt that my lower leg, ankles, & feet have been stronger and the ROM has been loose and relaxed. This week........ I started concentrating on flexing my quad and feeling the power (watts ) come from my hips and connecting through my feet. Thats an awesome burn!!! I can even feel it in my lungs!!!

I met up w/my brother & Jeff on Thursday for the last of the season farmers market. This cracks my up because farmers still have a sh*t ton of peppers, onions, tomatoes, & winter squash is just coming on. Our DDA has so dropped the ball over the past few seasons like weeding out farmers and bringing in political parties, jeweler folks, & solar companies. All of these I find useful, its just not the right atmosphere for a FARMERS market. Does this mean bigger badder better??? Sure. I just find it sad that the market ends because its cooler and the non-local farmers sales drop. 

Which brings me to my next point. I am not growing a garden next year!!! I am not stealing water from my neighbors that are growing the same eggplant, peppers, & so on. I am going to support the local CSA farming communities. I will allow them to deal w/squash bugs, mold, headaches that come w/growing food organically. Then, come Sunday, I can ride my bike and NOT weed, harvest beans, & set irrigation for the day. Oh, Hell Ya
Lets Ride! Lets Power Up!

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