Saturday, April 4, 2015

Time With The Twins

Fun little weather clip….

Excellent week of training!!! Added weight to my back, chest , & arms!!! Played around with the pyramid sets on the bench. Before every move, I do a practice rep for a visual and a healthy patterns. Bar 15x, 10's x 15, 20 x 10, 25's x 8 and back down as slow as I can burn. Over to the incline Tech-No-Machine, dumbbells from there. My back routine, which I added 10-15lbs pr exercise, has become my favorite for sure. Slow and controlled movements.  I had mentioned before that I started out rather conservative. Having said that, I have always enjoyed working out my back. I like the rotation aspect, pulling down and holding, and simply feeling those lats do there thing. I like backs!! Strong backs!! Dedication

The twins are here from Melbourne Australia and we hosted Happy Hour on KAFM together!! We had so much fun discussing world travel tales from the past and the resent.  I recorded the show and had fun just being. Also, I set up the GoPro on a 2 second time lapse. Would you wanna see it??? What music would you wanna here???? I originally set it up to Steven Wright stand up, its only OK.

Made a quick work trip to the foothills….. here are the some driving photos from that adventure

 Love This Shot!!!

Four Lanes Of Road Kill, Soon 2 Be

 NCAA Final Four Party at my place!!! Go Badgers!! Beat The Blue Devils!!!

The Boy Dog has taken a liking to the twins

Ol' Bleu Girl after a day hike….. Took a lot out of the old 15 year old….. What A Photo… She has a smile…. Look at it…. She is smiling but totally sacked out for the night

 The Ortho world has been wonderful. A long time client of mine and I had a killer cool session Thursday night. A neck release that I have really been taking a liking to came up during our session. Its like her whole spine calms down and we felt the shift and her nervous system come back on line. What does that mean??? WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE

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