Wednesday, April 1, 2015

About 15 Seconds Of The Boy Dog

I can't stop laughing… You wanna feel good….. Still Smiling

Training: Just super stoked regarding the all over training. Looking at timing a mile this Thursday. My legs were in hiking mode 6 out of the last 10 days. Burning on those gluts, feeling how my placement of steps and strides from sand to climbing and how my arms flap around at different times.
Rolling the hips during my runs, engaging the whole leg on the rides, releasing the diaphragm while swimming, and relaxing into the foam roller. Looking at a short run, a quick walk, and a long run on Saturday between clients and The Final Four. How's Your Bracket

Riding: Was on pace for a 400+ mile month but the rez took me off the counted miles. Last fews days have been solid and the weather has been perfect as can be. Just about the time Mr Sun starts to cook a weeee bit, Hello Clouds!! And the sunsets have been fully filled in fire red paints, upper pinks that melt into those purples before darkness and stars take over.
Two crazy sandy rides above the Colorado River. I had forgotten how sand zaps your quads!!! Had the moments when the rear would wash out, as I powered the pedals, it reminded me of driving in fresh snow. Fun Fun Fun

Lifting: Shoulders and Triceps. Had that "wake up" moment when I was warming up the rotators and settling into a Cheese show from 2010 Red Rocks. Its dawned on me that I am lifting some weight now that could really hurt me if I am not focus and paying attention. Most of 2015 has been much lighter weight and more reps per exercise. Its a satisfying moment in time for me.
Also quite pleased on the fact that I didn't lift any weight for 8 days. I felt strong and added some 2.5 - 5lbs during the shoulders routine but stayed even keel with triceps. Only had 55 min so I took breaks for water and walking around quickly and powered on through. Feeling good with the Mon/ Thursday Chest, Tuesday /Fridays are shoulders and tri, and Wed/Sat have been back and bi routine. And the Perfect Push Up's are still happening when ever I think about them throughout the day. Felt Good

Letterpress: Making a time lapse tomorrow of me at the shop running the cylinder press. Stay Tuned

Friends From Down Under: Rob And Den are here from AU!! They are full time travelers and racked 50,000 air miles in 2014. Oh, and thats kinda in off year
We BBQ'd the one night and now they are in Glenwood Springs for two nights. Wish I had video from them sharing stories from around the world because they are awesome. I could listen all night

First Friday Art Hop: Photos to come as this Friday will be a downtown fest of art, people, bikes, and life in general. Sign Me Up

Women's USA Pro Challenge: Best News In Awhile!!! The women will race for three days just be fore the men race. Equal Prize Money!!! Its a must catch and I hope its broadcasted for everyone


  1. Love that video! I really needed a smile today. Thanks :)

  2. I keep watching it…. The Boy Dog Just Cracks Me Up

  3. Replies
    1. Brother Jim, Shadow Boy loves the whole idea of going for a ride. The back seat has his soup bones that he loves working over. Everywhere else is a bonus in his model of the world.