Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Local Stray Grass Has A Coming Out Party

Under wet and windy conditions……

……. And The Bat Barn Full Of Life…...

….. Our local Grand Junction Colorado band takes stage…..

….. Stray Grass went from a trio bluegrass band to a duo to a dynamic quintet full energy and joy…. These musicians really like each other

I totally recommend that you click on these photos and examine them in full screen mode

Shot these all with the GoPro 11MP and you really need to hold that sucker still. I deleted a ton of blurred photos. But damn I dig the fisheye effect.

I debated to only do the time lapse of the clouds rolling through and had I known the indoor photos would be so blurry Set break was at like 2:30pm and time lapsing this storm would have been radical.

Felling stronger again after a full two weeks back in the gym, adding miles on the commuter bike, and hiking hill repeats.

Each step up, I took. I didn't just follow the trail and pick the best line. More of a lunge hike and focused on engaging my gluts, lifting with my full quad, and noticing what and where my arm swung. My pace was quick and my cadence felt neutral compared to a more controlled environment.
I have really enjoyed myself at the gym lately. Maybe its the music that I have been playing. Keller Williams show from Alaska. But overall, I have been visually stimulated with the ROM and controlling each exercise. Like on Monday, while doing the military press, dropped the weight down from 25lbs to 20lbs and slowly just pumped out 3 sets of 12. I watched how my wrist turns and concentrated on feeling the difference between 90 degrees and 120 degrees.
Most of my exercises, I start off with two practice reps without the weight. A byproduct for that is that my diaphragm has really come into my awareness. Thats cool. That warm up has really helped me fine tune my proprioception and its building my confidence. Thats cool. Amazed by how I can really kick a$$ in 50min and be in and out within that hour. Thats cool!!!
My spinning legs have yet to find the true granny gear just yet but my legs are coming around. So unique to call the high desert home until Spring hits. This place is so alive. Alive with people, tourist, and life in general. I have been riding much slower in town and noticing what I notice. The streets are pretty busy these days so anticipation is rather key near downtown.
The next few days are going to fly by like Feb but not as quick as March. Friday is the big, wait, HUGE mountain film fest outdoors at Edgewater Brewery. Then the massive MOG sale on Saturday AND THE COLLEGE ( CMU ) IS HOSTING ITS DOWNTOWN CRITERIUM RACE ALL DAY!!! Its called the Maverick Classic and its crazy awesome watching them kids fly around town and you can get so close to the action. Its one of my favorites, the whole weekend I mean.

So my goals are simple for the rest of this week:
1) Stretch
2) H2o Consumption
3) Chest, Back, Bi,
4) 30 Miles On The Commuter
5) New Client
6) One Mt Bike Outing Before The Weekend Rush
7) Wake Up w/The Boy Dog And Feel Blessed

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  1. I like your last goal best :)

    And that jam looks like a freaking blast!