Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simply Wonderful

So I took the Boy Dog around town 2day I we needed 2 stay close 2 home. We got in the time of 40+min that was asked 4 by my training log. I passed on the car ride 2 the gym 4 the swim part of the day and I am OK w/that.
Our walk was awesome and a sunset of yellow, orange, blue and purple skyline views. The temp was right around 91F as the sun touched the monument. The Boy Dog and I saw quite a few familiar faces as we walked around town. As 4 walking..... The Boy Dog pulls like crazy and I walk pretty damn fast. I remind myself often 2 stand up straight and match his speed so that I dont pound my knees holding him back.
Now some of you might wonder why I dont hold him back and train him 2 not pull. #1 we are walking 4 speed anyway #2 We are covering a lot of ground. #3 I just enjoy his pace. #4 This isnt a number really but an observation by a youngin' asking his mom, " Why doesnt he run w/that dog? They are going fast arent they?" Maybe someday the goal will be 2 run but 4 now, ITS ALL ABOUT BEING OUTSIDE WITH THE BEST DOG EVER!!!

2day is the bike ride w/the local non profit group gjvalleybikes starting at Eagle Rim Park and riding the River Trail. Should be a complete blast 4 sure w/a relaxed atmosphere. Free the mind and the bike will follow

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