Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Wind

Had a Gr8 day on the bike yesterday. Rode up to the gym in 25min and yes I hit all the red lights and was almost taken out near the airport. Big guy in a BIG truck wanted to cut in front of on coming traffic (and me) so that he could hit up the drive-thru at Wendy's. He had to redirect himself back into the median and wait for the traffic ( myself ) to pass and he was pissed. Poor guy has in a pre-burger haze. Make it a diet coke buddy.

On the way back from the gym it is ALL down hill and it took me 31 min???? Way you ask...... per NOAA .....our wind ave speed was 25mph w/51mph gust. At one point I was at a stand still while pedaling AND GOING DOWN FLIPPIN HILL. It was awesome.

Had a kick A$$ radio show!! Had an even better walk w/the Boy Dog!!! And a short bike ride down to the river w/the BoB Trailer to p/u some river rock that was dredged up last summer. Huge piles of smooth river rock w/weeds growing up through the middle. SCORE 4 ME

Now, I am off to pay it forward. The lady down the street has a simple fence were a Sadie looking dog lives and the top of her fence took a hit by someone or something. I saw her brushing her dog while I was on my way down to the radio station so I stopped, intros, told I could help, and she asked how much do I charge???? I said, " Nothing. Just want to keep the your dog happy and safe."

Home Depot....... Here I Come

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