Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Camera Say What???

Leaving the house on the commuter bike and heading towards OM the air hit me like a hair dryer for sure. The temp was only 94F but the air was a weeeeeeeeee bit warm. The quads were feeling loose and my ankles had full range of motion. Headed down to 7th street from Ouray and made a left on 7th. Riding south towards the Colorado River and here come Mr Fight Train. My 1st thought was OF COARSE and thats when it hit me...... NO CAMERA!!! I left my camera right were I set it down so I wouldn't forget it, right???? Thats when and were my attitude changed. I began to look around and see the blue sky of Colorado w/some white cirrus clouds and patches of color in a verity of plants near by. The train was at a stand still and I noticed how angry the drivers were becoming and how they all looked at their cell phones. Do I Call Someone?? Do I bitch?? This damn train is just sitting here!!! Ah, life on a bike is so cool sometimes.

So the group ride was rather interesting as it was a "family" ride. This means that kids were crying, moms were dehydrated ( polite way of saying obese ), and the "dad's" were on high end mt bikes. The only reason I point this out is because their bikes were clean as a whistle and out here w/all the dusty trails this time of year???? Very ODD!! Another step back for me and checking my ego at the door. Lets just pedal folks.

It became quite clear that nobody had a plan as to were we were headed and at about mile 2 we lost of 1st rider. Believe me, I was genuinely concerned for her well being. Her face was blasted red and her mouth was crusty white and she was chewing gum like a crazed women. I offered her some water and told her I was happy to ride w/her back to her car and she replied w/this comment," If I need any help then I will call my husband!" Then she turn and rode off. Remember that I am the only one that new she was leaving the group. OK??? Not OK???

Within the next few miles, most of the group turned around, red, out of breath, and it was a 50-50 on happiness of being outside. We just hit the mile marker 4. Long story short....... Some lady, missed her name, and I rode the rest of the night together. She had just moved to GJ 3 months ago and was out and about and saw the group. She was nice and we made simple small talk and rode back to town after riding all of the river trail. We rode back up 7th street and I turned on Ouray and she headed north.

I rode around town to loosen up the legs before heading home. Went w/a lower gear and a faster cadence because when I walk through the door the Boy Dog and I are heading out for a walk. A 50min walk per the program. And what a relaxing walk it was. The sun was almost down, the temp was cooler, and the bats were eating the night alive.

Life is good, even w/o my camera!!!

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