Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last & 1st

My last photo of the best little girl. 7 days ago Sadie Girl closed her little eyes. I am still quite a mess and I find myself building tears around every corner. My garden hasnt been touched sense. Standing in the backyard just isnt the same w/o her barking or seeing her under the shade tree watching out for me.

Sadie Girl was the type of dog that would follow me everywhere I walked. Even when I would forget my sock, she would walk down the hallway w/me. If I used the bathroom, there she was w/her head on the cool tile. BBQ, never left my side!!!! Just Look At Her Brown Eye Brows.

So the Boy Dog and I went camping on the Grand Mesa. This is the 1st photo w/o Sadie Girl and I lost my cookies here. A photo w/o Sadie Girl in a lake, at 9,000+ft, and blue Colorado sky??? And No Sadie Girl????

 As part of my training, the Boy Dog & I traveled some miles in two full days of hiking. When the trail became hot, the clouds rolled in. When we were almost back to camp, we had hail. When our legs were sore, we ate almonds, walnuts, M&M's, and granola. We didnt sleep much. Shadow Boy never left my side, gave me that look when I needed it, & pulled my up Craig Crest Trail.

The wildflowers were blooming, the wild grass was lush, and the wildlife left their sent. Thank You Grand Mesa for hosting a weekend for my mental game.

Yesterday I had a really good swim. Nice long strokes and a breathing pattern of every 3rd stroke. A strong pull and a quiet glide before another pull. Felt really good to be in the water and the elimination of having to talk w/anyone. After my swim, The Boy Dog & I passed on the run. I felt great & injury free & The Boy Dog gave me that look of " WE RUN TOMORROW!"

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