Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Monday!!!

The last week of the Winter Games flew on by. Last night was the wrap up & I hosted quite a little party. Some of the radio folks heard about my opening ceremonies party & wanted 2 know about the closing. So we had Korean Short Ribs, brogues, a root based dish, & I slow cooked a Korean Seafood dish in the Crockpot. We had more food than we knew what 2 do with. And NBC so sucked!! Who gives 2 flying phuc's about Nancy & Tanya?!?!? Do You?? If I am way off the mark here, leave a comment 4 sure. The good news was that I was able 2 watch Americas Funniest Video w/o anyone asking me 2 turn it back 2 NBC.

Finally, the closing ceremonies came on at 7:30pm mt time zone. And Yes, I enjoyed the whole show. And Yes, I am sad that the games came 2 a close. Yes, I truly love the Olympic Games!!! I Do. Its hard 2 fathom the 2 weeks of Games were gone. How can that be???

2wards the end of last week, the miles added up on the road bike. Thursday, I went 4 a relaxing road ride. I left the house & really didn't have much of a plan as 2 where I was headed. A few streets down from here I turned south in a bike lane. That took me 2 the River Trail & east I rode. Everything felt right!! My legs had power, my elbows were soft, beautiful people were in motion, birds came alive, & before I knew it, I was in Palisade. Damn near 20 miles one way. I was on top of the world. As I turned back 2wards the west, SON OF A WITCH w/a capital B……… I was riding w/the wind the whole way east. Total Rookie Maneuver!!!

Once again, I simply pulled off the road. I sat 4 awhile. I looked around at the amazing Book Cliffs, the snow capped Grand Mesa, & turned my mind set around 2 make this a positive experience & reminded myself that everything is OK. Dude, You Are Alive!!! Roll Them Wheels!!! & thats what I did.

I had a really good ride. I worked on my hips, foucused on my posture, & powered the Ol' Midnight Racer into the wind. I won the mental game & felt strong. Shadow Boy was waiting on the step in the garage when I rolled up. He gave me that look of……. well, glad your ok but does this mean its the season of you riding most of the day while I wait???? He is such a damn good dog because he went out of his skin w/excitement when I walked in. He said he couldn't be mad at me.

Friday was an easy ride on the mt bike w/the BoB Trailer full of recycling. I wasn't stiff. I wasn't sore. My legs are coming around. Just haven't found my cardiovascular system yet. Saturday was a cleaning the house w/the front door wide open. Watched the Biathlon & Hockey Games from Sochi. Spring Clean feels so good!!! Shadow Boy called the backyard while I brought in the shop vac. There is something really satisfying after dusting. Really. Sunday the Boy Dog & I headed 4 the desert early because of the Olympics. I kinda blew it because I was fooled thinking it was warm out. 27F!!! The 1st 10min of our run was flippin' cold because of the wind. Shadow Boy was diggin' it. My legs felt pretty damn good. The desert was still soft in some places & I felt like I could go on 4 miles but I had 2 get back & cook 4 the party. So Shadow Boy & I had an out & back & called it good. He loves the desert like I love dessert. More Please.

So 2day is a full day. I have 2 appointments, helping the Blue Z move some sh*t at his place, & then a road ride 2 Little Park Road 2 meet up w/a new trail running group. I have been following a guy from Foot And Feathers blog & he moved 2 GJ & started a running group ( over the coarse of about 6months ) Mondays, Thursdays, & Saturdays. I am meeting w/them 4 biz & checking out a new trail as well. I won't be running w/them on Saturdays because they are scheduled 2 run 16-20 miles. 2day will be in the mid 50's & a few miles will work 4 me. All Is Well


  1. Hey Padre. I missed all the olympics (no cable) but did catch glimpses of them at breweries etc.

    Monday night runs will start March 10th (after daylight savings change). didn't want you to show up tonight and curse me for no one being there.

  2. Oh, and the Monday night run will be at the Tabeguache trailhead lot. Bear with the adjustments as we get this thing rolling! Thanks.

    1. No Worries!! It did become quite dark on Monday night around 6:30. Will the Thursday runs at the brewery start up in March as well???