Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Monday

Yes, its snowing!!!! Woke up and Mother Nature started dumping the white stuff 4 me. The flakes are drifting down w/o any wind. They are landing softly and covering the brown of our winter landscape. 

I am posting these photos because its a small statement of WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! Why Only 1 Day???? Tour de France organisers Amaury Sports Organisation has announced that a women’s one day race will coincide with the final day of this year’s Tour de France in Paris on July 27. This is a copy and reposting from the cycling news web site. Again, why only one day???

I enjoy all aspects of racing. I flew down under for the F1 big boys racing. I have attended Common Wealth Games. I have attended Winter Olympic games. Indy Cars, Baseball, High School Sports, College Games, etc. And I have logged hundreds of hours volunteering for a wide range of events.

Cycling, Triathlons, and Mt Bike racing brings a whole different melting pot of "racers" to the table. They bring comradery and spirit. Such As; 2 gals racing Labor Day Weekend  here in GJ and 1 blows a tire and the others stops and says," Do you need help?" Its a race but they takes the few seconds 2 check in. Awesome!! I was racing the Silver Rush 50 mt bike race in Leadville Colorado when 2 guys crashed in front of us. We all stopped and helped patch up and wait 4 an official 2 take the 1 racer out by 4x4.

Sports in general bring people together. Its a fact. Sports bring racially separated groups together, underprivileged lifestyles together, social gathers happen as a result of that common thread, SPORTS!!! So again, why are female pro racers only racing one damn day during the Tour? These gals should have their own Tour de France. Hell, they should race the same coarse the day before or the day after the men race. The coarse is already marked off, right??? How many $$$$$ would that bring??? Our Colorado Pro Tour in Aug would bring BILLIONS of dollars if the men raced and then the women raced the same tour. Remember, all these racers sign autographs and are real humans.


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