Wednesday, March 22, 2017

St Patties, Vegas, March Madness Recap

What happens in Vegas is talked about all year long!!

Top Shelf! Four days of perfection. Won some bets, lost a few, but experienced a lifetime of memories. Such as, I place a bet on AZ over at Ballys Casino, walked back to collect, witnessed OK ST cover the spread, best :54 seconds of the game, guy next to me won his 4 game parlay on that wager, happened with an almost full court shot that did NOT impact the games outcome, he scored a cool $3,700.oo

I love that atmosphere!! Cheering at every moment, groups that wear theme shirts, halftime bets that pay off for some and devastate others. That agony of defeat. Catching games while in the pool, totally becoming caught up in the moment at a sports book, or witnessing a guy layout 10 one hundred dollar bills on a craps table. Its Electrifying

The Dude, FJ, & I met up with Cuz Sue for two nights on the south strip. Walking, talking, and enjoying the theatrics of street workers, side shows, and casino dancers. Oh, and one very strange Homer Simpson. The Dude & I hit some older lounge areas off the South Strip that we hadn't address in a few years. Pretty cool to see all the new improvements and Cuz/FJ were beyond stoked with our tour guide approach. They were able to walk and talk and not have to refer back to a map. Nice

St Patties fell on a Friday this year! Score!! We moved up to the Grand Casino, formally Lady Luck, where we stayed in 2003, the freaks were out in full force. Cuz Sue was super stoked and I do believe caught the Vegas Madness Bug. She appreciated costume changes for every fresh beverage idea. The whole concept of hitting up the room for a wiz, drinks, outfits, snacks, SITTING, and back at it delighted all of her needs. Plus, she squealed like a school girl when taking our photos and thats a joy to be a part of.

She was also quite pleased with the fireman's fund raiser right next door. That worked for her!! All the north/south streets were blocked off and stages were built for all night entertainment. Looking back, really nice to walk north of Fremont St because it was just as crazy but easier to navigate.

We did make to the Container Park, thank you Pittbrownie, which we saw last year but didn't bother walking in. We saw plenty of nudity. We passed a few blind drunk patrons. Hung with some funny Kentucky folks. Danced to a wildly entertaining 80's Flash Band. We counted 7 brides in 4 days. We did NOT see any fights??? We did NOT see anyone puke??? Vegas What

On a side note of would've could've should've.... That AZ wager I collected on, I rolled over the house money on the Spartans but I stopped there. I should have rolled THAT over on the next AZ game because AZ only needed to cover by 3.5, which they did. I didn't pull that trigger because I would then have to mail in my tix. Had we stayed that extra night, our entire trip would have been paid for. But Murphy's Law, had I placed that bet, AZ would have choked?!?!?!? Thats Vegas Baby


  1. Blimey that was a pretty full on St. Paddy's day celebration Padre.. what happened to the what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas rule.. you had so much fun you wanted to share right.. I totally get it 😀😀

    1. A few tales just might stay in Vegas .... HHHHEEEeeee HHHHEEEeeee