Friday, March 3, 2017

Great Start To March

Strong rides this week and focused my attentions on hip movement, quad/hamstring relationships, and controlled/recovery breathing. Totally trying to find aerodynamic positions because of the steady wind currents throughout the valley. Always seems to be a headwind or an uncalled for crosswind. The pressure gradients are in motion for sure i.e. the globe is titling

Fresh White Bear!!
Colorado Bluebird Sky ( SCI Original Tune )

MAD Racing has its last Fat Bike race of the series this Sunday at 8am. This event is going to be awesome!! We are experiencing perfect conditions. Crazy fun 2mi course through trees, single track, and wide open climbs.

Before ( a snow machine trail )

After ( Trimmed Out By Hand & Snowshoe Packed )

Shadow Boy crashes out these days. He pretty much slept in this spot the whole time that I was editing music. The band Mr Blotto hosted a bitchin' Fast Time at Ridgemont High show at their famous Blotto Hotel. So I edited out all the "dead" air and created a 39 minute track. I then mixed in and over movie clips from Spicoli to Ratner and you know a Mr Hand montage hit the airwaves.

Only 48 Watts during 20-30mph winds?? 

These are just some of the weird stats that I don't understand. I thinks its the Garmin but Strava doesn't treat me well either. Last week, I finally gave up on my frustrations and happily use these tools for what they are. And thats cool

Missed out on lifting wed/thurs because I was trail "working" at Powderhorn. Monday and Tuesday were excellent chest/tri/back/bi with lunges, caterpillars, and body weight squats mixed in between sets for that extra cardio burn. 

Super Stoked,


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    1. Yes, really has been & the Boy Dog hasn't missed a meal.

  2. Ah so that's what fat bike riding is.. good link, I was wondering ☺ I've been a bit like Shadow boy myself today, crashed out!

    1. Thanx for checking out the link, thanx for stopping by, & a nap sounds pretty delightful right about now.