Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thursday & Friday……. Awesome

Clam Before The Storm

Here is a photo of the 400 block were they call me the "block captain" for the night. The 5 story building on the left in this photo is were my office is located. Anyway, on Thursday, I am the Block Captain during the Farmers Market and my duties are PR work, helping new vendors find power outlets, helping folks find their booth space, and simply checking in w/others and telling them what they want to hear. Its so up my alley.

Must Ask Him His Name, AGAIN 
I really like this guy a lot because we have so much in common and he just told me that I am only a few months older then him. During this photos he was explaining how his father built this "shack" and later sold it to him for some side money. He and the family have turned it into quite the family biz. The key, he has an A/C unit inside.

And Mr Pablo's Pizza is awesome. I have had the please of building a great relationship w/him & his family over the past 10 years. Jeff is one of those easy going guys that finds time to make small take. I took this photo because he is turning on the gas for his oven. Last week, I was watching over his shoulder, the oven burner wouldn't light to save his life. As I said out loud," Doesn't seem to be getting any gas." he look back at me w/a huge grin. Causally he went to check the tank and realized that he had yet to turn that funky little knob. We laughed and I walked on to my next problem solving event.

The Solar Guys, new guys at the market, weren't as in gauging as the other guys that have been man their booth. About the only thing they were happy w/was me informing them that they could leave their truck there.

Colorado Java folks!! They are awesome. They are a family, married, cyclist, outdoor enthusiast, and they always show up happy as can be. We have really hit it off this year & I only hope that we might cover some road miles together this fall. Oh, and my office is on the 3rd floor of that building on the left.

The Kettle Corn Club. I agree w/these folks every week. Every Week. EVERY week they have something to complain about. Don't get me wrong, they have valid points. This week, they were quick to point out that the food truck was NEXT to them. I mean, damn near on top of them. I like this couple and their parents come out to help them as well. The older folks crack me up and I find myself gravitating towards them when I check in. Plus, they crank out the biz every week. Overall, I wish I could do more for them and help enhance their market experience.

These gals pump out the food!!! I am amazed at the production that goes on inside this oven ( the kitchen is overwhelmingly hot ) every week. They show up early and seem to be in slow mo but a switch is flipped and they step it up. Three gals inside and they are preparing in sync and they shovel out the food. Very impressive operation. I like checking in w/them and always give a short encouraging complement. I am not a fast food connoisseur or a vender eater and I wonder if they wonder why I never buy anything from them. Maybe, they are just too damn busy to care. Can I let that go????? Why Yes, I can.

The Soda Man!!! This Guy ( another name I space ) has his sh*t together. Every week he is smiling, sets up at record pace, and never has a bad thing to say. I like to help him as much as I can and he shares funny life adventurous tales w/me. He does really well at this market!!! He knows how to sell!! He understands marketing!!! He is a pleasure to work with!!!

 I always have a non profit group ( rotation of groups weekly ) on the right and the Cheese Cake folks on the left. Our little info booth is on the far right were I relax after the vendors are up and running. After updating this blog today, I realized that I didn't shoot any photos of the farmers, the vendors after they are set up, and how many names I have spaced. Classic

Not My Rig But A Sweet Road Warrior 
Friday was the 1st Friday Art Walk in GJ,CO. Jeff, The Dude, & myself whipped up a meal and rode bikes around town. We started off at the Art Center for their metal sculpting and mix media show. The show itself was poor but the people were great. Some old faces, friendly faces, and we found out that a new employee from Ch-Towns starts in Sept and will direct a new show in Oct. Gr8 news for sure!!! From there, we rode towards downtown, what a Colorado Sunset had by all. Out of all the galleries that we went into, Raw Canvas rocked. The GoPro sucks for night shots and I wish I had a camera because these artist are amazing. Big paintings, unreal ceramic sculptures, and wild visions to be shared. Damn, we had a great time hanging out there. The rest of the night was riding around and checking out all 5 of the live bands. Thats right, 5 bands in little old GJ. The music is ALWAYS way too phuc-n loud and my friends have grown accustom to the fact that I will NOT go inside. I am happy to be a supporter but walking in doesn't turn me on. On a side note, the air was beautiful out. Nice cool breeze across the desert the last few nights and the star gazing has been rich. Pedal On People

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