Monday, August 11, 2014

8-11-2014….. Another Sweet Monday

What a kick A$$ weekend!!! Friday night was a BBQ kinda night w/all the good stuff. Pulled out the almost past due stuff out of the refrig and threw it on the Q. Yams, Squash, Beef, Onions, Corn, & A Few Peaches. The Boy Dog was stoked!!!

Saturday was for sleeping in!! Did my usual 5am wizzzzzzz and the Boy Dog just looked at me. He gave me that look like he could GO at any moment but was resting none the least. I climbed back in bed w/him and he casually rolled to his back for a few belly rubs. We both drifted off for another 4 hours. I can't remember the last time I crashed out until 9am??????? The afternoon was spent in the office and what a great day it was. Awesome clients and perfect sessions. I rode my bike down to Edgewater Brewery for the Great Car Raffle during Radio Days which supports our little community radio station. My highlight was seeing old friends and faces that I hadn't seen in many many SUPER moons. The bands were just OK and the beer is horrible. The brewery is a cool place but they have the worst beer ever. KAFM held the raffle at almost 9pm and the winner wasn't there. Total Let Down.

Sunday was a killer sunrise outing w/the Boy Dog. My coach scheduled a 10k plan and I just wasn't up for watching a watch. Shadow & I just walked. I knew and could feel that we were under a 14min mile and we held that pace the whole time. A few times, maybe, we cruised at about a 10min mile pace and we were gone for over an hour. The legs felt GR8!! Shadow had a blast!!! My friend Jeff set up a trip to the foothills and I said sure. Glad I did!!! Everything was green, awesome company, amazing colors, & an afternoon thunderhead spitting some lightning & light rain.

Killer Weekend & Feeling Alive

Today was another easy walk w/Shadow Boy during sunrise, worked more tile, swam at the gym, & a bike ride back to the office. I am back in the mind set of proper posture and relaxing while hauling A$$

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