Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Tuesday Folks

My New Tat

Not Really. I am still tattoo free but I totally dig art work like this. The half moon shadows are awesome and the white highlights are perfect. I personally would have removed the front brake cable but I don't know the whole story here. I do like how the rear wheel sized up well on the love handle. I don't know if a better body part would bring this bike to life. Not on the shoulder, not on a quad, not on the calf, maybe on the upper chest of a male. Like Me???? Hell No!!

2day here in Colorado is amazing!! Not a cloud in the sky. A nice cool breeze and a high of mid 40's. Yesterday was incredible riding weather. The air was still and clear. No inversion layer and I found my legs, FINALLY. As you know, I have been looking 4 flat tires because I am so out of shape. I called on my legs as a light turn yellow and they responded and I felt strong. My cardiovascular system is another story all together. I shall stay positive 4 now. My ROM in my ankles were loose, my quads were active, and I loved the feel of Mr Sun on my body. I am still wrapped up because it was only 22F when I started but I warmed up quickly. I even rode w/my pits unzipped ( Thanx 2 U Jen Taylor ) and my Mountain Sprouts jacket breathed well.

Amy Dombroski
This is my shot of Amy during the Grand Junction Off Road 40 last Labor Day. We totally hit it off and she has been a major influence in my training. Maybe some day I will share more about how we crossed paths that weekend. I miss her. If you don't know, Amy was hit by a car on a training ride a few months back in Belgian. I called on Amy yesterday because I thought about turning around and heading home. Yes, I wanted 2 quit 4 the day. I found a smile on my face, that sound of ice bouncing off each other on the Colorado River, and a Red Tail Hawk looking down on my soon 2 be dead A$$. Away I rode……. In My Happy Place

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