Friday, November 22, 2013

The Good Life

Training has been going pretty well, radio show finally was enjoyable, & The Saints are 9-2!!!

Training: Evening walks w/the Boy Dog have picked up the pace. Most of the walks have been under the full moon. You should see the trees all lit up and the tunnel they create over the road. Wed night was all about dodging cars. Something that has struck me odd is that all the stray cats have gone else where. Shadow Boy used 2 see all the cats under cars, sneaking under trees as we head 2wards them, or that dumb cat that would just lay there as if it couldnt be seen. Other than this, legs feel GR8!! Pain-Free in the hips!!! Stretching after we get back from walking has increased flexibility and my hands lay flat on the floor when stretching those hammies. My biking has been just OK. Havent added any more miles this week and I havent had the time 2 hit the pool. Havent made time 4 the pool.

Radio: Our little community radio station has been a phuc-n disaster!!! No leadership and a new station manager that has been simply turning folks away left and right. We have a new system in place that has removed all personal contact w/the public. We used 2 read underwriter cards and tell the listener about whatever. Now, its a pre-record non community program. The other day ( TUESDAY ) was an old show ( 11-05-13 ) replayed as a replacement. So now, if a DJ calls in sick or what not, the new manager just plays an older show. Its sooooooo lame!!! Why is this guy even paid as a Program Director??? Last night I hosted the Yellow Dog Radio as Uncle Karl had asked me 2 cover his show weeks ago. I finally found a groove and went w/it. FINALLY feeling better about even walking into the station. Last week at the board meeting I found out that the station LOST $22,000.00!! Well, they are under budget 22G's. Last fund drive made $32,000.oo of the $40,000.oo goal and the Spring fund drive only collected $28,000.oo of the $40,000.oo goal. So there is the 20G's and why havent there been any consequences???? Again, NO LEADERSHIP!!!!! It just sucks when ya have so much passion from something and everyone around ya is like," get over it dude"

                     N.O. Saints: Hell YES!!! Another Win!!! Next Week, @ The Seahawks!!!

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