Friday, July 12, 2013

What a Thursday ( yesterday )

Started w/the Tour!!! Racing, crashes, and castles. Then, worked on a client that went really well.

Now, the odd part of my day begins......

I saw an ad on Craigslist for a delivery driver. It just so happens to be a printing company here in GJ that I found out is a national company. Booooo. Not local. My 1st impression via e-mail was that this guy named Russ is a prick. He asked in his e-mail.... Why do you want to work for me??? 1st thought was.... I dont. However, I wrote him back about my clean record, my history of printing ( 5yrs ), understanding the lingo, years of customer service, and the fact that I havent called in sick in over 10years of employment.  His response was...... " Just come in and ask for Randy." Thats it. No directions, No Info, etc. Ok, I understand that I am a big boy and should just know that my smart phone will tell all. Not really, I still have a dumb phone. I reply w/ what time does Randy take a lunch? Ready for this....... "We dont take lunches."??????????? " Just be here at 3pm and Randy will meet you." At this point, I should have sent an e-mail like,"Fuck You and find a high schooler at 8 bucks an hour." You get what you pay for. Maybe I should have pulled a no show because at 2:50pm I arrive and nobody is around. The guy that sees me says," I am just the IT guy. What do you really want?" This is coming from a guy in a Jeter Jersey. As I was about to walk out, why I didnt, then I asked if Russ was around. Russ pops out about 3:09pm and acted totally put out. He had no idea were the application  forms were and when he handed it to me I so wish that I would have set it back on the table and walked out. But.... I am the better man. Turns out that Randy was the only guy that shook my hand, saw my potential, and told me how much he wants me on board. AWESOME Randy. Randy asked me," Do you want to see the floor?" As we walked the shop, I begin to notice that each and every employee ( 10 or so ) looked like death. Nobody had a smile, the shop had that chemical smell, and NOBODY made eye contact w/me or Randy. After my " TOUR " of the shop, Randy has his big blow it moment. He says," Well being its Friday, we cant bring you on today." ITS FLIPPIN THURSDAY and pay was never discussed, hrs were never brought up, and I was never asked if............

Next, I have a radio show at KAFM at 4pm. Now backing up, I did apply for the Program Directors position at KAFM June 13th and never even received a call or any acknowledgement from staff that I even applied. And at about 4:15pm, here comes the E.D. of the station. As unprofessional as can be, she talks in circles and gave me 3 different conflicting reports. "We are looking at a guy w/tons of experience but we cant pay his moving cost." And she goes on w/the updates around the station and how busy staff is ( a way of justifying dropping the ball on a number of events, programs,etc ) and the whole time I couldnt stop thinking about my cover letter to her. The fact that I stated wow excited I was to set up an interview and here she is talking sh*t while I AM DOING MY RADIO SHOW!!!! How dare you come in and throw others under the bus per say, talk out your ass, and try a tell me how you are the leader of this tribe. Believe me, its so on my mind to walk in her office today and calmly blast her. From the lack of production on produced pieces, lack of quality, the fact that a number of folks openly told me their dislikes of the station after finding out I applied, and the simple fact of WHY WOULD YOU HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE WHILE THEY ARE ON AIR!!!!!! It all starts from the top down, right? Hell, look at the KAFM CrackBook Page. Do you see a daily schedule??? What about a sub covering a show today. Any updates?? How long does it take to update your CrackBook status??? 6am we have_____ 9am will be ____ NOON hr will be_____ 1pm is ____ 4pm covering that show is the one and only____ 6:30pm and so on and so on


So at this point I have to step back and ask," Is it me??" It must be

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