Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just Been Missing Her

Sadie Girl was such a lover, a true friend, and ALWAYS HAPPY 2 SEE ME WALK THROUGH THE DOOR. Hard 2 believe that its only been a month.

So I stand corrected, at least for a day, about KAFM's CrackBook update. Maybe the ED heard me during my show. Again, only one day of updates, time will tell.

Saturday went well for me. Caught the tour early and had an awesome session w/a new client. Rode the bike hard and beat the down pour of two thousand thirteen. Downtown was flooded and folks posted crazy photos on CrackBook. Way cool 2 see 4 sure

Second client of the day went so so. They wanted a little more pressure but then they were way stoked w/the neuromuscular rhomboid work. I truly hope this client returns for more bodywork.

Then an easy bike ride 2 the central library, a walk w/the Boy Dog, and asleep before the sun went down....... Happy Saturday!!!!!

2day was an early tour and totally inspired. So I took the Boy on a walk before we start cooking. We logged some miles and I made a few phone calls. Hope 2 catch the Indy Cars in Canada and then head 4 the gym 2 swim. I am thinking SNOW

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