Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Week Into The New Year & Numbers

Its been a dynamic couple of weeks walking with this guy. He is a funny little boarder collie and is a true worker bee. He cracks me when when its walk time. He carefully watches me dress the part and intently studying my every move as if he is asking," Really, I can come along?"

He has really enjoyed the late night walks. The OM neighborhood is so peaceful at night. I did have a funny moment when I was blinded by high beams. I wanted to give them the bird but my gut brain told me to just relax. All be damn, it was a Mesa County Sheriff. I [ should have ] Worn My Sunglasses At Night

Loki Making Time
Landed 9 hours on the bike and 218.2 miles for the week of Dec 31st - Jan 6th. Some of those miles were dicy as you can see the streets are still white. We experienced flakes falling on the 31st and NOTHING melted until recently. This unfortunately put me on main streets, the mean streets, and dodging cell phone users. It Happens

The River Trail was well plowed and bone dry by the 3rd of January. So Thats Cool. There are usually a number of New Year Resolution folks out but the trails have been rather empty. Loki and I were out at the Lunch loops and it was as desolate as can be??? Tire Tracks But No People

And its always rather entertaining when I cross paths with someone I know and they are astonished when they see me on my bike. Sure, its 1c out but I was riding last week when our high hit -8c. Mid week looks way warm at about 40F / 4.4c and I expect a massive run off. Will keep in eye on the River

High Noon!!! -9c 
The Grand Mesa has been a radically different story for sure. Cars race up and down the mountain all day long. C-Dot keeps the road clear from the highway to Powderhorn Ski Resort but its packed snow on up to county line. I have only witnessed one spin out, helped one family as they were bamboozled in a bank of snow, and there is always evidence from novice drivers spinning out. Speed IS the factor

So Dig Glistening Snow 

My Garmin doesn't track my snowshoeing worth a crap. My friend R.S. and I stomped around for awhile and her suunto watching MAPPED our route and logged 9.7 miles. My G500 recorded 2.3 miles. Drag

Everything I own is Old Dinosaur Technology!!! Even my snowshoes bear old straps compared to the new light weight velcro shoes. But walking in the snow is better than my best family gathering. HA
My Strava running/hiking/snowshoeing has me at 14.4 miles for the week. If I could just eliminate the Auto Pause from my Garmin, wonder what that new calculation would read???

But Damn do I ever enjoy simply standing still and hearing the life of the forest. The temperature came up so fast that coated heavy branches would release their loads to waiting lower branches. That distinct sound of each pile meeting the ground with a pillow like thud. Its Epic

Crushed the weights at the gym!! The body is feeling terrific and my focus has finally come around. I have passed on counting reps lately and slowed my movement down. Using more dumbbells and cables over bars. Not sure what that is all about but those sets worked me.

I am enjoying the ROKbarre classes. One of the instructors has that young, annoying, fitness voice, and if my eyes are closed, full on Flight Attendant monolog. Its no biggie but I could do without. The other gals are way in tune and have helped me manage my form, the theory behind, and shout encouraging words.

Wait, that what it was!!! Her voice is like spanking in a sentence. My mom was a pro at that. Don't - swat - Leave - swat - Your - swat - Shoes - swat - In - swat - The - swat - Hallway - smack

A Delicious 10K Loop at 10,000ft

But I do like the class. The core work has been beneficial on my low back. Examples; We are in a V shape with our feet planted firmly on the floor in front of us. Our back is flat as if on a board. Then we make micro movements while contracting the belly of the muscle until it fatigues/shakes. Those micro movements burn like crazy.

Donkey kickbacks but with very small movements. This draws my attention to all those stabilizing muscles and they burn because they are so weak. We did a side plank and lifted the top leg about 2 inches from the inside leg. No Biggie but pumping that leg about 3-5 inches up/down burns after about 12 seconds. The instructors shoot of 45 seconds to a minutes. I am such a wuss

Not So Mighty Colorado River

The bike bridge across the Mighty Colorado is so damn cool. After I leave the office, I sometimes stop and listen to those ice chunks bouncing off the pillars. That river is so alive!!! And so are their banks. Two homeless guys were "screaming" at each other and it crossed my mind that a stray bullet could take me out at anytime. 
Thats A Bit Of A Hollywood Thought, Right??? The bird population is thick these days. The Canadian Geese/Crain are everywhere and I enjoy watching them circle, honk, and fly above in formation. Life Is Good

The Ducks/Mallards have such colorful feathers. The black crows have such a distinct flapping wing sound. But I am in love with TWO Bald Eagles that have been hunting along the Colorado River for about three months now. One will observe from a tree branch while the other floats effortlessly in flight.
Married 36 Years 


1) Rebuild A Blissmill Relationship
2) Max Rep On The Bench
3) Check In With The Oldies

Sure Hope Your New Year Rips So Far, That You Are Hydrating Your Kidneys, & Please Continue Thinking Of Others First.

A High Riser Selfie Moment w/the Blue Z

Incredible Icicle Display with a National Forest Playlist 

A Complete Day w/Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, & A Heart - Righteousness 

Crested Butte, I Miss You Dearly 

P.S. Like A Bike Ride, Keep Looking Forward Towards What You Want To Accomplish


  1. Bummer - My Photos Are Way Out Of Order - Went Back In Edit Mode But That Was A Disaster - The Font Changed And The Words "Created" A Column Along The Left Side - I Clicked Undo Edit So Hope Ya Still Dig The Photos Anyway - Having Said That, The Photos Kick A$$ For iPhone4 Quality

  2. Much beauty in your photos but with such good subject how could they not be beautiful. It must be nice to have a dog that stays calm and interested in a walk instead of bouncing around like a mad thing with excitement.

  3. I'll suggest you use Live Writer for blog posting. Way better than blogger.

    Also - maybe this helps with autopause.

    1. GZ, you are the boss apple sauce!!
      That Link Worked Perfectly!!
      THANK YOU Brother Man

  4. Beautiful pictures, in or out of order. Looks like you are having fun with Loki, probably been good for you? Jax sends his regards, and a bit of slobber. Cheers!

    1. Loki was good for me. I mean, I past a lot of judgment on the poor guy but he didn't mind. Jax is the BEST!! Slobber On Boy.

      Big Hugs Beth

  5. At the end of every year, I strive to engage in a public service to offset "the New Years Resolution folks" but quitting something other people are inclined to take up. This year my main New Year's dissolution was quitting my overpriced gym and not going to the same coffee shop every Friday, one that features interesting people but foul smells.

    Great blog and cute dog. Border collies are basically tireless animals, in my experience.

    1. Thanx A Million For The Positive Vibes


  6. Loki?? Tell me more Padre! Is he yours or are you looking after him. I sooooo hope he is yours he looks adorable! Images like yours here look fabulous whatever order they come in ✨

    1. Thanx Perth & Stoked You Saw All The Photos!! Dog Sitting Loki And Boy He Is A Worker Bee.

      Big Hugs

  7. Just one detail, I can turn off auto pause on my garmin. I always do because fat biking in fresh snow can be very slow!

    I too wonder who Loki is?!? He sounds like he made you smile :) That's a good thing in anyone's life.

    1. Turning off the auto pause has been a game changer. My normal route to the gym from OM has been a consistent 4.7 miles one way. I have been tell folks that its only about 3 miles but now I have the correct data. CLASSIC