Monday, August 29, 2016

Working Through The Weekend

Radio Show: Epic radio show yesterday. Why??? Because it rocked!! Opened the Sunday Matinee with Its A Small World. Who Does That??? ME!!! From there, Van Morrison > Bruce Hornsby > Dr Hook. 

Throughout the three hours, comedian Jim Gaffigan over children's lullabies covering Black Sabbath, Mr Blotto mash ups of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison into Pinball Wizard. Here is a link to that SBD Copy in 2002. 

Also played clips from the Jimmy Fallon Tonights Show featuring Jeff Foxworthy passing a kidney stone, stand up by Jenny Zigrino, Hashtags, and Thank You Notes.

Turned it up with some Moe's Yodelittle from 1999's CD L. That whole double CD is live recordings from 1999 Summers Tour. Tooting my own horn here..... Gr8 Phuc-N Show.... And YES... I Recorded It And Will Happily Send You A Copy .... You will be able to hear my Baseball Takes, Prop Bets from Vegas back in February, Horoscopes, and Crazy Classic Rock Parodies

Office:What a Summer It Was!!! My office mate spends her summers in Crested Butte and I had full access to the office 24/7. Amazing how many times I received a text about meeting in the office in the next hour or so. 

One of my highlights was seeing a kid from about 2 years ago. He is now a Sophomore and hit a major growth spurt. I personally wish he wasn't playing football but I would NEVER share that with him or his father. He has been suffering from Planter Fasciitis and I know exactly how to work with this. Ortho is brilliant work and I see these symptoms all the time.

Another highlight from last week was a first time client thats neck was all jacked up. She was referred to me, way cool. She came in full of old engrams and in full on Fight or Flight mode. I simply instructed her to remove her shoes and lay in the supine position. I began with ankles and feet and allowed her to feel ALL of the table with her own body. Wonderful session and she cried with joy. Her husband couldn't believe his eyes. Weeks of pain, 30 min later, her own occipital ridge found its axis ( C1 ) over its atlas ( C2 ) for pain-free support.

Last highlight was at a birthday party. Long story short, I explained Ortho-Bionomy by showing vertical demonstrations. I learned this as the Diva Release. Its not really a release but its way cool. It basically looks like this..... Your standing and I am behind. My hand/finger is on "that spot "above their hips/low back and I ask you to SLOWLY look towards the opposite shoulder until I fell a softening of tissue. I then ask you to SLOWLY lift your chin until a SHIFT happens. I lightly have my hand on that same shoulder and very lightly on that spot. The person finishes is a Diva Pose From Old Black & White High School Photos. Hints, The Diva.

Again, this is not an adjustment or release. Its just a shift in the body that others can feel. From there, we can discuss the nervous system, rebooting, positional releases, re-education inside your own body, organ nerve supplies, etc. 

Training: Must say," My Mind Is In A Quandary Right Now!" What I Mean Is..... Sept 9th is open registration for the Bryce 50 miler. Well, 100, 50, 50K, Marathon, etc. But my damn mind won't let the 50 miler go. Am I READY For A 50 Miler????

The personal trainer has been fantastic and my form wasn't as bad as I originally thought. He makes very small adjustments during my exercises. Like a side plank, my hips weren't in line with my shoulders at all. Once he turned OR opened my hips, my Glenohumeral Joint went pain-free. So Cool.

He also helped me with my knee alinement during squats, lunges, and leg lifts/crunches. What I appreciated was the fact that he could see the minor movements that were causing post workout aches and pains. He also kept referring me to less weight when I picked up a heavier dumbbells. MEANING, he heard me during our interview!!!

I have been adding some distance and time on the dread mill workouts. I have been using a "random" program that adds changes of speeds and but not the incline. I do find it rather rewarding leading with my chest, standing tall, and changing strides. 

Been foam rolling the sh*t out of my body all the time. During TV commercials, before bed, after walking the Boy Dog, its really helped me relax those small little stagnant areas, and hasn't been as painful lately. Thats Cool

Any Advice About Bryce Would Be Much Appreciated, 

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