Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cheesy Weekend on the Front Strange

My Birthday Show Set List

The String Cheese Incident was introduced into the historical RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATER'S Hall Of Frame on Saturday night as well!! What an honor for them and what an honor for me to witness. Our history together runs deep. ROOTS RUN DEEP reference. They have taken me to the Big Apple, Vegas, San Fran, & incredible Amtrak travels.
GJ Rockies Rookie League 

The Boy Dog 
Friday Setlist:
Set One
Texas, Get Tight, Way That It Goes, Farther, Water > It Is What It Is > Hi Ho No Show
Set Two
Just One Story > Way Back Home > Everybody Wants To Rule the World > Way Back Home, Seventh Step, Black Clouds, Miss Brown's Teahouse > Let's Go Outside

This is a bad A$$ Time Lapse.... If I don't mind saying so.... Last years viewing hit 169 views... SO a two days worth of parking lot action might hit 200 views?? Who Knows??? THANX 4 WATCHING & SHARE IF YOU WOULD LIKE... Big Hugs
Sunday Setlist:
Set One
On the Road Again1, Land's End1, Panama Red1, Nine Pound Hammer1, These Waves > Djibouti Bump, Don't It Make You Wanna Dance, Falling Through the Cracks, Rhum 'n' Zouc > Colliding
Set Two
Rosie, Turn This Around > Breathe > Turn This Around, Windy Mountain, Stop Drop Roll, Love Is Like a Train, Joyful Sound > Rumble, BollyMunster
Down a River, 'Round the Wheel, Encore 2: Ramble On
1 with Hot Rize

Another Brilliant Scramble Painting 
What A Weekend!! Folks, its just so damn hard to describe the weekend as a whole. So many faces come out of the woodworks that I haven't seen since last July's Red Rocks Show. ( that time lapse is HERE ) Then, all the new faces we crossed paths with. And those faces I wish were with me but couldn't make it.

Fridays show was beyond satisfying and The Blue Z & I both agreed that we could have gone home after Friday & been OK with that. Fridays opener of Texas went out there during the middle jam section & I told The Z that we will be in for a treat tonight. Farther was the only song of the set that doesn't turn me on. Michael Travis jumped on the mic in the middle of Way Back Home > Everybody Wants To Rule The World. Thank YOU Tears for Fears!! Seventh Step was a tune I hadn't heard in a long time & I really enjoy the rhythm of the lyrics. But the Black Clouds, Teahouse, & Lets Go Outside drove the crowd into pure delight & we sent as much of it that we could back to the band.

An Encore of Rivertrance??? Are you kidding me?? Never heard The Cheese encore Rivertrance. Again, Damn near perfect night!!!

Saturday, after a casual morning of coffee & home made hot breakfast burritos, back to the upper north lot we went. That 10 X 10 EZ rocked out our shade needs!!

Opening with Restless Wind can be a usual or traditional opener for The Cheese. Best Feeling > Rain was a classic because last it year it absolutely down poured during that song Rain. Sweet Spot was pretty cool and then they played 45th of November for me. Not a big fan of this song but its my 45th so I can roll with it. The rest of the second set was a light shows of dreams, gooey goodness, dark jams, & the band interacted with each other as if it was their last show together. Man, was it ever fantastic!!

Each of these songs were nearly 15 minutes long. The Cheese went funky, celtic, keyboard heavy grooves, & allowed every member from the band to explore his own musical powers to be. Twice, Travis and Hann switched their percussion duties from the drum kit to the whole percussion set up. Mosley on bass was top shelf as always and Billy doesn't look as old these days. Kang is full of life and really enjoys his family lifestyle. The String Cheese Incident carries themselves with a strong presents now and their performances gel so well together. They are wonderfully explosive!!! 

The Mind Blowing Encore Saturday took everyones breathe away. The Beautiful Sheryl Renee belted out Fleetwood Macs Dreams. I truly love when Jam Bands offer talented women to sing songs with high notes or covers that NEED that range. Everyone on stage had a cheesy smile from ear to ear. The Cheese morphed into a dreamy Believe to close the night out. 

In Closing, you can search out much better reviews, well written blow by blows, but they will be missing the " Cheese Family " side of the story. I want to thank Madison House, The String Cheese Incident, The Crew, The Blue Z, Uncle Karl & Janet, Amber, Reed, Stacy & Justin, Pjef, Annie, Lyle, Lisa, Nikki, & Jack for spending the start of this next trip around the sun with me. What A B-Day, What A Weekend, & What A Magical Night!! Still Glowing.

Thank You


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  2. Wow! Sounds like you enjoyed this event beyond all expectations Padre.. very cool!

  3. Wow! Sounds like you enjoyed this event beyond all expectations Padre.. very cool!