Friday, May 1, 2015

Cleaning Up & Setting Up

What week!?!? Shadow Boy and I have spent this week cleaning up the OM rental. One full load of trash to the dump and 4 truck loads of composting material to the green waste facility. Busted out the mower on its highest setting and then dropped it down to a notch below normal and this was done after a weed eater battle along the fence line.
Shadow was pretty stoked because I gave him a huge frozen soup bone while I did my thing. I wish I had taken my camera because he was so proud and I would catch him rolling around in the fresh cut grass, working that bone over, and soaking up the fresh air with that bone locked in his teeth the whole time. He was quite the classic.
My only down fall from the week is that my hamstrings are incredibly sore!!! The foam roller helped tremendously and I rolled my little massage ball under my right ham during the 1st round of the draft.

Here is a CLASSIC photo of Shadow Boy and he is trying to tell me that my morning calisthenics are over and its time to go. I love this guy and I totally dig the Perfect Push Ups. The Perfect Push Up allows my wrist to turn and I am able to find the sweet spot of straight line force. Plus, I can move them around for a more concentrated/isolated tricep workout or wide chest grip or smaller movements to engage my serrates anterior muscles. I have sort of reached the point were I have stopped counting and simply keep my focus on form, stretching, and supporting when needed.
And I feel better because I became rather discounted having missed so many days in the gym this week. Spring time has really taken its toll on me and the end of the month volunteer work has left me rather beat up by the end of the day. I wish I could blame it on being lazy but the fact is that I walked in from yesterday, showered, ate leftovers, and crashed out. Shadow Boy was stoked because he ate, monitored me, and found his spot on the closet floor. We were both asleep in seconds!!!

Ok, one of my hang ups, I am trying not to do this. One of our principles in Ortho is NON-JUDGEMENT. This is difficult for me, really. Here is example…… A new client ( 4 new clients for the month of April ) comes in the office and is discharging ( rambling ) and mentions that she wants to "do" in Ironman. My first thought is completely judgmental and I want to gut react with, " Are You Phuc-N For Real???" Or " The HITs Ironman is May 16 2015 right here in GJ." I have no idea why it bothers me when I hear someone talking out their A$$ about " I will just run a marathon " or " I can do an Ironman". I take it personally and feel as if I was slapped in the face. Basically, I totally prejudge and that doesn't help anyone.
Then, the Ortho in me took over before I blurted out. I simply asked a few key questions during the 50 min session. After our session I brought up the idea that for a $100 bucks a month I could help her reach her goal for 2016. She gave me a completely blank stare. " 2016??", She asked???? I replied with," I can write a program right now for 2015 but I have a feeling that you will ether be injured by Aug or you will be come overwhelmed by the end of May." Thats a total prejudged statement BUT its in her best interest to hear this and I only have the best intention for her at this point. I explained more to her that the Grand Valley has a number of half marathons this summer and a sweet Xterra Offroad Triathlon in Oct that we can focus on and build from that base level of fitness.
She smiled and says," Let me think about it." So I didn't judge anymore and wished her all the best. We scheduled another appointment for the end of May and away she went. Ready of this???? She calls me that night. After thanking me for all the insights, totally agrees to pay me 100 smackers a month, her husband said that he will buy her a bike this weekend, and when will I be able to write up a program???? SCORE!!!
I explained that I will be writing up a weekly schedule because in the past I have found that when I hand over a month of work, failure sneaks in. Its just does. I have been there. I then instructed her to head on down to Main St and introduce yourself to Chris Brown at Brown's Cycle. He knows me very well and will help fit her on a bike for her next adventure. He is a Gr8 Guy!!! Next, plan on a new pair of shoes because she will need to plan on a ton of walking. " Wait, WALKING??? " She Asked??? "YES" I Told Her!!! I will start adding running miles when you are able to walk for 3 miles at less than 13 min mile pace. " No Problem" She Laughs.
So Tuesday evening I met her at Stoker Stadium and she was so proud of her new Asics shoe. I told her I was proud of her and complemented her and set the tone for having fun and remaining injury free. We began walking together and our 1st mile was 14:23, 2nd mile was 16:01, and the 3rd mile was 16:33 and not much talking during the last few laps. Needless to say, she felt a little defeated. I was very quick to point out how she won. I told her that SHE IS HERE and not watching TV, she has begun to build a base, and how this is the turning moment in her life. This is huge!!! I explain that WE will relive this at the end of the month after we have incorporated hills, fartleks, and SWIMMING. Basic reinforcement. I also reminded her that she is NOT running a marathon this year and we have time on our side. I think she almost smiled when we approached her car. She thanked me for walking with her around the track and that it wasn't as boring has she thought it would be.
This all happened because of Ortho. I held back my JUDGEMENT and met her model of the world. Thank You Orhto-Bionomy

So if anyone of you out there has any advice…… Please Share…. Share with us how you started out…. Share with us what motivated you…. Share with me if you think I am totally out of my mind…. Share any stories of motivation…. Share with us if you would handle this differently…. Share with us your story so that I can set this client up for success….. And share some idea of how I might be able to reach out to her husband as well……  Thank You In Advance


  1. I like the story.

    First, I think it is okay to judge. I saw a woman get on a plane with three kids, one was an infant. Did I judge? Yes - and I gave the pillow and blanket that was in my seat. It is okay to judge. It depends on what you do with that judgement.

    Focus on her and the husband will come around.

    1. GZ,you brilliant man you!! Also, keep shooting time lapse videos. Yes, that burns up the battery life, memory, AND YOUR TIME. But damn, they are so worth it. Cheers

  2. This story kind of makes my day. I LOVE when people join the world of movement. It's such a wonderful and encouraging community. I got started in running as way to stay in shape for basketball (played through college). After I graduated, I found that I didn't really enjoy it that much. Then I found my true love: triathlon! I have been head over heels ever since <3