Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week #9 0f 10 Week Program

A Little Pickin' On Pink Floyd Time Lapse From My Office Window Last Weekend. The wind picked up like crazy so I moved the camera into the window frame and pinned the the GoPro tight. You can see in the first 27 seconds that the GoPro was literally moving around on the ledge. We received a little bit of snow during the day but it was mainly clouds, wind, and sun shine.

And then there is this shot of the Grand Valley!! Can You Believe It?? The inversion layer was pretty wicked but that cloud cover is just  brilliant!!!

Ok, so yesterday was Day 2 of 5 and week 9 of 10 of my Ortho-Bionomy Practitioners Training Program. The first two days were Advanced Pelvis, today is an 3 hour study group, and the last two days cover organ releases and balancing.

Now I was way fired up about this week because of all the kids ( diabetes and broken toes ) that I have been working with this year. Plus, I was excited about learning more about how to address the pelvis and What Else Is Possible?!?!?! So Monday's class had 19 folks signed up but only 16 were accounted for. I am always pleased with less than 20 students. Now, I am NOT against new students. This doesn't bother me at all. My problem is that we had a student teacher "winging" the damn class. I was so ( AND STILL ) frustrated by this. The first day really drove me a bit batty and I was so thankful that I could walk to the gym during our lunch break. All of Monday was a complete review. I left on Monday totally pissed. Now for some history here. This is an ADVANCED Pelvis class, NOT A REVIEW CLASS!! Now, if this class was 100 bucks than NO BIG DEAL. If the two day class was 150- $200 then I guess I would be OK with it. But this phuc-n week cost me $685.oo damn dollars and I am watching this student teacher flounder around the room?!?!?! More history here, I am not bragging by any means, but I flipping rock and I understand why I have been approached about entering the Instructor Program. Day 2 started off with two of my fellow week 9 classmates confronting me before class. They asked me if I was OK because they could see that I was burning up inside towards the end of the first day. Now, I was gun shy here. So I allowed the women folk to share their stories and try to press on me that everything in the Ortho world is wonderful. Finally, one of these gals I really respect and enjoy, I asked her to think back to our Isometric Class. "Remember we meet in the church for those classes?" I asked. "The student teacher regurgitated that whole program yesterday." The Psoas, Piriformis, and IT Band releases were all the same from back then. Again, this is an ADVANCED Pelvis Class!!!! "Oh" she says, " I do remember that. Well the review was good for me." Meaning, handing over all this money for a review is totally acceptable for her. I kept my mouth shut. On day 2, from 9:30am - 10:45am, we saw the student teacher show us a "warm up" demo. Which then went onto a release of a shoulder and then a rib 1,2,3 release. Plus a break. Plus it took the student teacher forever to set up and work her iPad with the projector for her "lame" anatomy review. By lunch I was so angry I couldn't think straight. Off to the gym I went. Now, when I returned, the same two gals plus one confronted me outside and maybe they were trying to console me or what ever but they were all upset about our teachers incompetence. I quickly went into a defuse mode and reminded them that we can all be pleasant and work together to work through the outline. Why do I go into Mr Positive like that????? Are you ready for this??? Our student teacher totally bombed the afternoon session with us. We as a class go into the femur relationship with the pelvis and words like flexion, internal rotation, and medial shift with the ankle are described in the outline. Our student teacher would say at least one of these backwards. But instead of all of us laughing about it and working together, the student teacher acted as if thats NOT what she said and became this defensive knucklehead about the whole thing. Looking back on yesterday, it was really sad. I say this because Ortho is a Principle Based Work!!! Our student teacher missed that mark. In A Big Way!!! Plus, it became very old having "everyone" look my way when the student teacher would totally blow it. Just Follow The Outline. Thats All You Gotta Do. DONT IMPROV THE DEMO!!!

Changing gears here because I am all upset again about this and yes the director of the school will be hearing from the masses. My training has been awesome. Twice a day I am doing calisthenics and using the Perfect Push Ups. Yesterday was a Back and Bicep day at the gym and I am now using a 30 pound dumbbell for my one arm rows!! Score!! My legs, hips, and core feel much stronger while walking with the Boy Dog in the evenings. I am really looking forward to snowshoeing soon and testing out the quads.

Also, I went and saw the play Once Upon a Mattress last Saturday. Very well done and found myself cracking up quite a few times. The live orchestra was beautifully layered in. One of my clients hooked me up with the ticket as her son was in the play. An hour before the the start we had a private performance by the Musical Director. He gave an incredible history of Mary Rodgers and Tony Ward winners, 1880's portraits of female composers, and the history of Mary Rodgers. BTW, she was the writer of the movie Freaky Friday!! Check out Wikipedia's Mary Rodgers, she is amazing in deed. Plus, having the cliff notes were so helpful!! This perspective not only helped me but totally drew me in. I wanted to see more, I wanted to see the actors, and the free bite size cheese cakes and fresh Black Berries were AWESOME!!! Oh Baby, what a great night.

In Summary, I created this blog for "documenting" my two year Ortho-Bionomy journey. I am not throwing anyone under the bus. Not name calling. Just processing and checking myself. I am hungry to learn more. I have seen a lot of bodies come through my office and I am always looking at WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE. How do I help someone with an upper trap issue with a structurally based work??? How do I help balance a kidney of a diabetic??? How do I work with the pubic bone of an athlete that has been having adductor issues??? I believe Ortho-Bionmy works wonders and I completely enjoy the work. Clients feel the re-educating happening and the shifts that their bodies move through. I will show up present, I will go towards ease, I will honor what shows up, Less is more, & Stay in right relationship. ALL PRINCIPLES OR ORTHO-BIONOMY. Again, Week #9 of 10. Bring on the study group and then two days of Organ and Visceral work!!!

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