Monday, January 19, 2015

Feeling Most Excellent

      What an awesome Fire Festival!!! Telluride hosted the 1st Annual Fire Festival Last Weekend!! Friday Morning started of w/packing the car, meeting my my Biz ( MAD RACING ) partner, & a store run after remembering items in the cupboard. oooops!

And away we went!! Renee, The Blue Z, & I drove on down & then up to Telluride. Dallas Pass was gorgeous in deed with blue sky, fresh snow, & epic company in the car. Renee has a friend that allowed us to crash out at his place & easy access to the festival. 

Friday night was an absolute blast!! Renee's friend Pam showed up & they were able to pal around & The Z & I hung out & socialized w/the artist. We kinda had an in because one of the featured artist was Jamie Vaida. Jamie lived here in GJ & we all go way back together. He even made the comment about how this event WILL happen again next year because its been a killer reunion for him. 

Saturday went really well w/a relaxing morning, excellent home made breakfast, & a cup of joe in the sun. I threw together a veggie chili concoction in the crockpot for dinner. I love traveling w/my Crock & having dinner made a few hours later. Plus, the people that come & go are always blown away by the aroma in the room. The three of us were very fortunate to meet up w/Jamie around 4pm & help him move the art car to Main St & fire ( literally ) up the car. Back in December, I was involved w/firing the car up & knew what to expect, which played out well for us as the propane tank ran out. Jamie & I did a quick change out & the roof was back on fire!!! Way Cool!! Very Smooth & Jamie was quite thankful w/my timing. That was the main highlight of the night for me because all the artist & rich folk went to the evening gala that was $200 a tix. Not For Us??!!??

We did have a blast that night walking around & sipping on cocktails under a crystal clear night…. HINT HINT…. Saw the comet FINALLY!!! The late evening was star gazing, crazy 8's card game, & a game of cribbage. Fantastic way to end the weekend!!!


Shadow Boy & I had the whole place to ourselves!! I quickly headed north off the main trail & was surprised by how deep the snow was. Shadow is really good about falling in behind me & lets me break trail for the both of us. I played it more of a out work & really engaged my hips, quads, & diaphragm for sure. I really felt strong for those first 6 steps…. HHHEEEeeeeeee

And the Boy Dog wanted everyone to see that he can break trail when he wants to!!! And damn if he ever is so strong for a 9 year old.

I was getting worked!! My lungs were on fire!!! But I felt Gr8 & The Boy Dog was stoked!!!

I spaced on sunblock so I wore my light hoodie as much as I could. The problem was that I was getting a little overheated. I was also a little to in my head & trying to process some family dynamics. Which I have no control over. But I sure love being out in the open w/The Boy Dog.

We hiked for an hour and 17 min without seeing a soul. Plus, I could feel all the different muscle groups that were effected which totally stokes me out. Its Gr8 breaking up routines!!!

        The month isn't over yet but I have not picked up a new client. I have been working & enjoying watching clients have break throughs. I am still working w/my double to-2-be hip replacement client at the pool. I had a very successful day today w/my clients & one has been w/me from back in my massage schooling days. She has been having some knee stuff going on so I balanced her pelvis & talked w/her ankles & feet. She was way into the Ortho & couldn't believe that I was working her w/o pain, unlike a neuromuscular session we have done in the past. But there are a few more days to this month so we will see if a new face shows up in the office. I felt optimistic about it, that door will open when it needs to, right?!?!?!

        Training for the Silverton Marathon has been going just as planed. A lot of slow & controlled core work, no excuse loops w/the Boy Dog everyday, & then the snowshoeing. At first, I thought I was really bummed out because of the beers & spirits in T-Ride BUT its what I kinda needed. A break from training for a weekend. I still ate well ( Renee & I both brought a ton of food ) & stretched out a lot. I didn't bring my foam roller but relaxed into my stretches & felt pretty good. I probably looked goofy as hell but some of our walks around town I would lunge into my stride & did some calf raises on the curb while talking w/others. That kinda goofy stuff.

I am heading into Crossroads Downtown tomorrow w/pen & paper to start lifting again. Totally looking forward to lifting weights again & targeting different muscle groups. I am planing on slow & controlled & injury free. My plan is to use a much lighter weight & reps of 15-20. CONTROLLED!! Pretty sure I will just go station to station to build a schedule & chart me numbers. Then, start back w/free weights when I am stronger & can control the weights independently.

If our weather continues to be this nice, Ol' Midnight might see some pavement. I am still on the commuter bike to the office, gym, & grocery store. But a road ride could treat me well. Maybe even a Mt Bike Ride?!?!?! Hold On Turbo

Radio Show:
        This Thursday the 22nd I have a radio show. I am thinking that I am going w/more Jam Bands this time around. Maybe, I was thinking of playing an original by the artist into a cover tune. These will all be from live shows of coarse. Ether way, its going to be awesome. Feel free to stream live at www dot kafmradio dot org from 6:30pm - 9pm mountain time zone.

        My "big" goal is to have a conversation w/my mom w/eye opening results. Thats a big one for sure. I have a pretty good idea of how I am going to approach this. We will see. Other goals will be at the gym, have a kick A$$ radio show, schedule a meeting w/Footprints Animal Hospital, make phone calls & follow up MAD Racing phone calls, & hit the Mesa one more time before the weekend w/the The Boy Dog. I did achieve a Meatless Monday goal today. It was a kale, black eye pea, recipe from my cooking light magazine. Shadow Boy wasn't all that impressed because he didn't get to try it & wondered why the BBQ was fired up. "Ah Sh*T!" He says


  1. Thanx so much 4 the perspective GZ!!! 30 Week Count Down Is On & Dig Your Photos From The Flatirons Running Store!!

  2. Just discovered your blog ... that fire festival looks cool! Sweet pics. Happy marathon training and weight lifting. Have to honor that core!

    1. Trailmomma, the fire fest was fantastic & the art cars were the highlight!! Thanx for checking in & maybe someday you & Pigeon & I will cross paths on some single track. Big Hugs

  3. Sounds like a solid weekend! I'm jealous of the snowshoeing. I've only been twice, but super loved it both times. And sounds like you are right where you need to be with your training :)

    1. Crazy P, epic weekend & snowshoeing under a full moon is a MUST. Hope you are well & how many days until the Big DAY????

  4. I grew up snowshoeing, and this post made me miss it! Looks like you are doing great!

    1. Moving Michelle, Colorado treats me well & I will be posting more photos soon. Cheers

  5. Your dog is an adventure dog too! Awesome! I am rarely able to go snowshoeing (not much snow here in S. AZ) but when I get to, I love it! :)

  6. AZ does have its advantageous for sure!!! And I love the face Snookies got. What a dog.