Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tile Work Update

And some photos to go along w/the title. I just might be halfway finished w/the walls and still have a floor to work on. I have a lot of ideas but its up to Orval as its his budget.

 These photos are from the original project at Footprints Animal Hospital
This guy cracked me up. So damn lovable. I could keep him and 101 more.

 The above photo has the Piggy Pig Pig in it. The photo on the right is the last of the original left to finish. Next to the dolly are little 8 inch tile for the top broader and then finish up the wall w/the rest of the 16 inch that you see. Funny, the Vet Mr Jim only mentioned that he didn't know when he would find time for this project and now look at the progress made. He has really helped me out in a big way!!!
More photos from Orval's Grooming And Boarding. The paw prints up the wall bring a smile to my face. They are everywhere in the place. And his employees are pretty damn good about taking care of them furry friends.

 The first wall that sold Orval on my craftsmanship. I still have so much more to accomplish but its coming together rather well. I like the look much more than I thought I would.

 79 happy tile per kennel. Plus, I have to finish the front of each kennel and a top rim around each kennel. Oh Boy

Shadow Boy After A Trail Run North Of The Airport. He Says," Leave A Message."

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