Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day Was A Success

Dig This Sculpture
 April 1st starts the beginning of my Bike Pledge, Crunches, Leg Lifts, Plank, & Push Ups….. All Done Successfully Without Pain
On Top Of The Parking Garage 

Dropping Of Bills & Drinking Water

 Check These Little Guys Out!!! Does anyone know the name of these beauties??? I was so stoked 2 come around this corner & find them in bloom.
 I met up w/the WSR group last night. They meet on Tuesday 4 a trail run. They split into 2 groups. In my opinion, both groups are studs, a faster group runs further & the second group runs about 3-5 miles.
Our Water Stop
I started out a little before the group because I didn't have much time & I knew that they would blow on by me. I followed the Pet-e-kes trail w/the Boy Dog on leash. He pulled me up 2 the top of the trail where Pet-e-kes meets the Tabeguache Trail. Shadow Boy & I began running when we hit the Tab trail. I felt Gr8!! Finding that my legs find a rhythm much quicker than in the past.
 I feel more in control of my body. My foot strikes are more relaxed & I have more confidence in my ability while on the trail. Thats Good.
Shadow Asked 4 A Profile Photo

Oh Wait He Says… This Is My Better Side He Thinks

Can You See Yourself Here Right Now???
Pretty damn stoke that I was able 2 run the whole time 2wards the parking lot. I didn't feel winded & I didn't mind reminding myself 2 slow up & be present. I say this because I began 2 have feelings resurface about Sadie Girl, projects that I need 2 finish, & work ideas. You can call it mind drifting but that is not a good way 2 trail run. Start day dreaming & then a rolled ankles throws you on your face. NOT FUN!! Plus, felt strong when I was in the moment. And Shadow Boy was happy. You can feel his happiness, not just assume it.
Shadow's Interval Training
 And what a beautiful day here in the Grand Valley!! We had some light wind & a few high cirrus clouds. The cool air was perfect 4 our climbing section & the wind was behind me on the return trip.

 Check Out That View Boy!! This is part of the Tabeguache Trail w/the Bookcliffs way off in the distance. This was the section that I happily ran w/ease. Wish I had more time 2 do a time lapse from up here. Sweet cloud formations & gorgeous lighting.
The Lunch Loops, Bookcliffs, & The Grand Mesa in this shot
 Somewhere around this time, I was thinking that nobody had past me. Again, these runners kick A$$. But I was happy w/the pace I was running, stopped twice 2 give the Boy Dog a shot of water, & took the time 2 snap some photos. Thats what I call trail running. I don't think I want 2 be a fast trail runner because I don't want 2 miss the scenery or wild life or wild flowers or a belly rub on Shadow Boy. Lets be real here, I won't ever be that fast. And I am OK w/that.

So overall, the 1st day of April treated me well. I met my goals, did some socializing, & hurt NOTHING!! I will get on the commuter bike here soon & head downtown as 2 fulfill my bike everyday in April pledge. After that, the crunches, leg lifts, & plank position challenge. Then I will find myself in the garden, which I wasn't going 2 plant this year. Classic A????

Best Dog Ever!! Love You Shadow Boy!!

So thanx 4 stopping by my blog. Feel free 2 comment. Feel free 2 share your feelings. Allow yourself 2 enjoy the day. Big Hugs

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