Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday Folks!!!

Ryan BLK & White

The Blue Z

 Ya gotta love a road trip 2 Aspen when it starts with," We have 2 stop 4 gas?" Classic

Instrumental Jam

The Red Washes Out

Getting After It
After loading up the Blue Z, filling the tank, & selecting the tunes……..
Jake, Amazing

Even The Band Watches Jake
…….. Away we went.
Ryan Slappin' That 5 String Bass

We were so lucky 2 stay w/Aspen Steve 4 the 2 night run. We brought up a ton of food, 18 Ranger I.P.A.'s, & enough clothes 4 a blizzard. The drive up I-70 was uneventful & a little dusting of snow near the Aspen Airport. Total score by riding the free bus into town!!!
 The Tuesday Night show had a pretty simple 1st set. Nipple Trix> Turn & Run was awesome 4 me. Party Peeps was The Blue Z's call and the cover Let's Dance 2 end the set rocked. I dig it when the whole place sings along. The whole 2nd set went off UM Style!!! Ringo can go deep or flat out blow up. UM even pulled of a Pay The Snucka that was exactly what the Belly Up wanted. The Miami Virtue in the middle of that jam was so electrifying. The Floor ended the 1st night & the crowd wanted more. I was beyond satisfied w/the show. We talked about it on the bus ride back & I wondered how UM could top that show?!?!?
David Bowie Cover, LETS DANCE
 The second night was UNREAL!!!! Friends from GJ showed up, the place was packed, & I was blown away by all the young attractive girls in attendance. UM shows are a sausage fest, but not 2nite kids.

Heavy Metal Encore
 The opener was a killer tune called Depth Charge that grooved into Hurt Bird Bath. Each song from there went long & the jams were full of each band member looking at each other as if 2 say," Hell Yes, You Take It!" The sound was passed around & the crowd got a little soupy 4 a rockin' UM style. Ending that 1st set night #2 went Higgins> Sweetness> Conduit. I was stoked!!! I told the Blue Z, "That was my pinnacle of this 2 night tour." 

Then the 2nd set opened w/Slacker!! I knew I was in 4 a treat!!! Utopian Fir went into about a 14min jam w/everyone shedding their skin in the crowd. Holy Smokes was it amazing. Next up was Booth Love and UM went deep & dark 4 sure. I was so impressed by the stage presence of the band. Jake sings this tune, yet the band was wording the lyrics off mic. UM acted as if it was the 1st time they have ever played Booth Love. The Bottom Half ( Dig This Song ) started out rocking w/heavy drums from Kris & morphed into a dub, reggae, HOLY SH*T Pink Floyd cover. That 1st note of Breathe from Jake's guitar lit me up & I told The Blue Z its Floyd. He threw me a confused look & the lady next 2 him said," Dude, you called it." Best Floyd cover that I have ever heard period. Better than Shine On You by The Cheese in SF,CA New Years 2005/06. UM pulled out of that jam into a Bluegrass style of Mullet 2 end the set. How? How Did They Do That?? I will be buying these 2 shows from UM Live just 4 the 2nd night of the second set. Everyone in the crowd was blown away & we all talked about how lucky we were 2 have seen this live. What Did We Just Witness???
The Crowd Went Nutzzzz
 UM came back out & Brendan Bayliss asked us all," Are You Ready 4 This?" I thought I was BUT UM went off. They got after it & I swore it was KILLEM" ALL from Metallica. The encore was Wizard Burial Ground & it was totally in your face. I Felt Alive!!! I still feel it just blogging about it. My side notes look like this: Belly Up's light show D-, The Sound D-, Crowd B+, & UM was an A++. Now, I dig the Belly Up & always have but the light show was non-exsitant 4 sure. The music was way 2 loud. Yes, I always wear earplugs & even then it was flippin' loud. The set break tunes were lame & so loud that folks were taking note. What The Hell Belly Up??? The crowd was young but very polite. Only a few drunks acted like dicks but we witnessed a gal totally put a "dipsh*t" in his place which was cool. Way cool!!! If it wasn't 4 booze, the crowd would have received an A 4 the night. Umphery's was totally off the hook & by far the best 2 night run that I have seen them pull off. They were into both shows, They played so well together, & They smiled, pointed, & interacted w/the crowd all night. Beautiful!!  On Another Side Note: Umphery's Home Page has a free link 2 download their 1,000 show from Sacramento California. Yes, Totally Free!! I did last night & what a gr8 show 2 have in your arsenal!!!
Can We Go 4 A Run Now????
So the Boy Dog & I have a big day here in GJ. 64F & we have some chores 2 do, March Madness 2 watch, & a trail run in the desert. Should be posting more photos soon from our adventures 2 come. Thanx 4 Stopping By & Think Of Others

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